Back in July last year, we were treated to a reveal trailer, announcing that another Far Cry instalment is on its way. So you know what that means? Another controversial and satirical take on another area of the world! It means another maniacal antagonist hellbent on taking you down. Plus, it means another gloriously detailed and expansive Ubisoft-made open world for us to explore.

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Can you tell that we are excited?

Well, with that excitement in mind, we thought it would be a great idea to take stock of all the information we have about Far Cry 6 so far. Allowing us to give you the lowdown on the new characters, the setting, the plot and all the added extras that we can garner from the droplets of information that Ubisoft have let slip. Without further delay, here is everything we know about Far Cry 6 so far.

When is Far Cry 6 Set to Release?

Far Cry 6
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Let’s begin with when this title is set to hit the digital shelves. Initially, this title was set for release this February. However, due to the issues that Covid-19 has brought to the industry, Ubisoft decided to delay the release of this title to ensure that the game was of the utmost quality. At the time of writing, we have had no official confirmation from the developer as to when this game will release. However, according to the Microsoft Store listing for this title, this game should be available on the 25th May 2021. This is by no means a sure thing but these listings have proven themselves to be accurate in the past.

What Did We Learn in the Reveal Trailer?

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Now we turn our attention to the Far Cry 6 official release trailer. This offered our first and only sneak peek into the world of this upcoming open-world blockbuster. In this trailer, we are introduced to the main antagonists of the game, Anton Castillo and his son, Diego. Anton is the dictator of the fictional Caribbean island of Yara, which is the setting for this title. In this scene, we see him carrying out his official business.

Anton uses the aid of a live grenade to teach a lesson to his son throughout this trailer, pulling the pin and having his son follow him around their huge home. That’s the kind of mad behavior we have come to expect from Far Cry antagonists and immediately warns us that this guy is a little unhinged.

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The trailer also gives us a window into the current political unrest in Yara. The people are rebelling against ‘El Presidente’ Anton Castillo and Anton uses this angry mob as a means to teach Diego that he must follow in the footsteps of his father. He must lead with an iron fist, stay true to his beliefs and compromise for no one. Now that’s not something you’ll learn in math class.

We also get a look at the actor who will be playing the role of Anton Castillo and it is none other than Breaking Bad superstar Giancarlo Esposito! Even in this short three-minute trailer, the actor offers a truly captivating performance and lends his likeness to the character. This casting shows the scale of this project and the fact that this kind of star power is on board shows that this one is shaping up to be something special!

A Tropical Return

Many years after the iconic tropical outing we were treated to in Far Cry 3, it seems that the series is returning to the jungle, with the island of Yara offering an open world that is based on the real-world location of Cuba. Through the trailers and other media released by Ubisoft, we see vintage cars, lush coastlines, thick jungle sections and of course, we have the hub of Esperanza, the capital city of Yara.

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The game has been known for its open environments in the past but it seems that the developers want to add more depth and verticality to the series. This sentiment was echoed by narrative director Navid Dhavari, who said in a recent interview that “Being able to run across rooftops, use back alleys, fight against some of the toughest opponents in the game in this setting, I think is really unique and fresh.”

Who are You in Far Cry 6?

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There is always a spotlight shone on the villains of these titles but what about you, the player? Well, you will be one of the members of the revolution fighting against the evil dictator Anton Castillo. You will play as ‘Dani Rojas’, a character that can be played as either a male or female, much like Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla’s approach to their character system. The male and female voice over will be handled by Sean Rey and Nisa Gunduz, respectively.

What’s the Plot of Far Cry 6?

If you haven’t put the pieces together yet, we might as well just tell you that this game will be based around a guerilla uprising with you at the heart of the movement. This story will take influences from former real-life guerilla militia members in Cuba and aim to tell a story of a country that was Exiled from the entire world for fifty years. Ubisoft even sent out a selection of devs to Cuba to soak up the ambience of the country, understand the culture and speak to real inhabitants of the country in its darkest hours.

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It’s a story that showcases a fight against oppression, a story of one man’s fight with his own morals and a country’s desire to restore their land to its former glory. We are yet to find out more details such as how Castillo and Dani’s stories intertwine or any twists and turns that await us, but if previous outings are anything to go by, this one could be very special indeed.

Is Far Cry 6 a Surprise Prequel?

Then lastly, we have to make our obligatory visit to the rumour mill to see what fan theories are doing the rounds. Usually, these are farfetched at best but one rumour stands out amongst the others, and it’s a real shocker. Fans are convinced that Diego, son of ‘El Presidente’ Anton Castillo is in fact Vaas in his younger years! That’s right, we could see a return from arguably the most loved character in the entire series. We could be a witness to what made him so twisted in the head before the events of Far Cry 3.

This rumour comes after Michael Mando, the voice actor for Vaas posted this in Reddit:

The thought alone is giving us goosebumps and we would love this to be true! Although, the fact that ‘Young Vaas’ or Diego is wearing modern headphones at the beginning of the trailer does make us rather doubtful. We can live in hope that this is an oversight and maybe, just maybe, we will get an insight into the maniacal mind of Vaas!

So that’s everything we know about Far Cry 6 so far. What are your first impressions of this upcoming title? Do you think this one will be the best title in the series yet? Do you believe that we will see Vaas again in this game? Let us know in the comments section below and as always, thank you for reading!