So, you think you can PUBG? “Easy to learn, hard to master” is something you’ll quickly realize about this game. Just when you think you’re going to come out top, you just got headshotted.

It’s a game of strategy, and can’t be learned in one day. To truly become a pro player, it takes lots of time and requires lots of knowledge of the game. But, if you want to improve quickly, there are certainly some things you can do.

“I’m only dead inside!”
Via: Reddit u/BrokenCrownHalo

Get Good Aim

Like most first person shooters, aim is important. That is the quickest thing you can improve. Do this by either hot dropping at the most popular POIs (point of interests), or load into a CS:GO aim training map and spend a few hours in there. You truly will see results in game, because aim is just muscle memory. On the other hand, spray patterns and recoil control are crucial to getting kills, so don’t forget that.

Clean Movement

In a game like PUBG, with little to no cover in many areas of the map, movement is so very important. Evading shots and looting quickly are crucial, so having good movement is required. I suggest watching this video to learn about some good movement techniques.

Pro Game Sense

Here’s a hard to swallow pill — there’s no quick way to learn game sense. It comes from playing and training. As one of my coaches said, “Practice doesn’t make perfect, perfect practice makes perfect”. When you die, think about what led you into that situation and how it could have been prevented. Don’t blame it on your opponent or game elements that were against you, because a lot of the time, it’s your own fault.

Great Positioning

You can have the worst aim, worst loot, and worst movement, but with good positioning, you can still get wins. Your positioning in the zone determines what fights you’ll engage in, and how you’ll engage in them. This is what separates casuals from pros. Knowing when to push, when to stay back, and when to rotate is hugely important. This is a fantastic video by BigBossBilly on positioning, and he covers some basic positioning tips you should know.

Studying the playstyle of professional players is really helpful. You can compare your gameplay style and technique to theirs and that will help you improve. I would recommend watching some tournament streams to find some great gameplays and strategies. Mimic their playstyles and you’ll see some quick improvements.

Getting better at video games is surprisingly comparable to getting better at real sports. Much like anything else you’d like to improve on, the only thing that can guarantee results is playing the game, so keep that in mind and employ some of these tips to aid your progress. At some point, you’ll really get the ball rolling and see your wins and KD skyrocket, trust me!