PUBG is known as the most realistic battle royale game on the market right now. So, when the trailer released for a PUBG x Godzilla crossover, this came as a bit of a surprise (a welcome one, of course) to many players. It seems like PUBG is looking to compete with Fortnite and their Blockbuster collabs.


This mode released in April of 2019, under the name “King of the Monsters”. Although, this mode was hinted at before the official release. T-shirts, graffiti, and footprints were scattered around the map, hinting at the release, and here we are.

This collab might be a bit of a let-down for those who were looking to fight against the monster itself, because it’s really only a Team Deathmatch game. What you do get is some really cool outfits, t-shirts, and emotes.

Image result for Godzilla's Carapace
Via: Youtube Gamer Muku

Godzilla’s Carapace is undoubtedly the coolest part of the entire event. This costume features light blue spikes running along the entire spine, mimicking the look of Godzilla.

Another outfit, Ghidorah’s Carapace, is based off of godzilla’s mortal enemy, King Ghidorah. This one has golden wings on both sides, and it honestly looks pretty intimidating. You know when these two see each other, it’s about to go down!

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Via Youtube Zeus

As stated before, there were tons of easter eggs leading up to this event, one of which took place in the loading screen, with Godzilla’s spikes eerily popping out of the sea. I, and probably every other player, would really like to see him come out of the water, possibly in a Fortnite-type live event.

Via: Youtube PUBG SparkTV Moments

Even though this update wasn’t too substantial, it was pretty cool and out of the ordinary. We got more cosmetics, so I can’t really complain, but I’d like to see a little more from Bluehole. As I said earlier, Bluehole should take notes from Fortnite with how they handle events and collaborations.