Big Fashion for a Pocket Game

Animal Crossing – A name you’ve heard countless times no doubt during this pandemic but it’s not the Animal Crossing that you’re thinking about. No, not the critically acclaimed, widely-beloved Animal Crossing: New Horizons. It is in fact, the little pocket edition that could!

That’s right, I’m referring to Animal Crossing: New Leaf for the 3DS!

Animal Crossing
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Released back in late 2012, Animal Crossing: New Leaf is still going strong to this day. So much so, I’m writing about it in 2020. Let’s jump right into why you’re here – Animal Crossing’s high fashion. New leaf boasted multiple articles of clothing, and let’s not forget the special QR codes for special outfits ranging from Pokemon to Zelda of which we will delve into in just a moment.

High Fashion Standards

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Firstly, let’s talk about how and why you should get a hold of Gracie in Animal Crossing: New Leaf. Gracie is a fashion fiesta and also a giraffe, so you know she has high standards (pun intended). Once you have begun building up the Nookling store and spent around 70,000 Bells there, Gracie will occasionally pass through your village on random days* and trigger certain events of which you will have to dress accordingly to match her “theme”. It could be a sporty theme or a baseball theme.

*If you know the exact time and day that she appears. You can always save and quit, time travel forward a day, save and quit, and then time travel backwards and repeat this process until she begins to express an interest in opening a shop.

Assuming that you dress accordingly and achieve a “so-so” or an “exceptional” rating in four consecutive trials, Gracie will want to set-up shop in your town in the T&T Emporium once it’s built. She will also offer you a piece of furniture or item of clothing from her wares as a prize per event that has been won. However, if you miss an event or dress in a way that isn’t to her standards, she will then disappear and won’t come back again for some time.

Clothes in Codes

Now let’s delve into those QR codes and how to use them. Firstly, you’ll need to be able to get to the back of the Able Sisters clothing store and talk with the cashier on a daily basis until she opens up and discusses the sewing machine in the back of the room.

Via : IGN

Once this has been mentioned, you will be free to enter at will and download the QR Codes. The process after that is fairly straightforward – just take a picture of any QR code and it will register in-game. You can even create and make your own designs and share them with the world!

The implemented QR system is what really brings Animal Crossing New Leaf to life because it offers up a fresh, new take on the game and allows you to really get creative and have some fun! Speaking of fun, let’s check out some of these awesome designs, some of which I know you’ll recognize:

Legend of Zelda

Via: Animal Crossing Fandom

Link – everyone’s favorite silent protagonist. With very little to say, a man of action and no words, he still oozes personality. You too can now experience what it’s like, to dress as Link, to be Link!

If that doesn’t satisfy your Legend of Zelda cravings, here is a list of other, well-made QR codes:


Via: Animal Crossing Fandom

Ash Ketchum – the boy that never ages. Ash has been around since 1996 and with him always his trusty companion Pikachu. Though you can’t get Pikachu in Animal Crossing, no matter the series, you can still be the character everyone wanted to be when they were growing up.

If this doesn’t satisfy for your Pokemon cravings, here is another short list of QR Codes.


Via: Animal Crossing Fandom

Naruto – the anime that just keeps on giving! If you’re not a fan of the series, that’s okay. Naruto pans around 500 episodes, and that’s a lot of time, and we’ve yet to consider its sequel, Boruto! But for those who know and love the series, perhaps 500 episodes is simply not enough!

For the ever-loving fan, here are some more QR codes!

It’s Just So Wholesome!

Animal Crossing: New Leaf was and still is a national treasure to Nintendo fans everywhere. It has gives players complete freedom to create and customize tiles, paintings, and most importantly, clothing. This functionality to not just create but also distribute one’s creations globally gives players a sense of community, which is something so wholesome, so important, that Animal Crossings: New Horizons just has to implement into its new series!