Why can’t I run Apex Legends on Mac? This seems to be a common question popping up soon after the popular release of the game, but Apple, and Macs especially, always seems to be the butt of jokes in the gaming world. They’re always getting excluded from new games, software, and more. Apex Legends is no exception because it has no Mac port. Here we show you 2 options on how to go on about playing Apex Legends on a Macintosh.

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But are there things you can do?


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First, let me start by saying this: If you truly want to play a lot of games, don’t get a Mac. The performance isn’t great, and you won’t be getting the best compatibility. But, if you’re reading this article, that’s probably not a consideration.

How do I play Apex Legends on my Mac?

Option 1: Virtual Machine

The only way is to get a virtual machine (VM). A VM is essentially a computer inside of a computer, which means you can run a completely different operating system inside of it, including Windows.

Option 2: Bootcamp

Apple actually gives you a pretty great VM called Bootcamp. You can follow this tutorial on how to install Windows 10. From there, it’s pretty simple. Install EA’s DRM Origin from their website, and install Apex Legends from there.

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Since you’re using a VM, you might experience some compatibility issues as well. But they’re usually surprisingly easy to resolve.

Depending on what computer you’re using, you may want to consider getting an external GPU, which can provide you with some extra horsepower to run games smoother.

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Consider checking out PCMag’s recommended list of graphics cards tried and tested for the game!

Also, keep in mind, there are some really cheap PC options! You’d be surprised how cheap it is (a few hundred dollars).