The Apex Legends Season 2 patch has arrived, introducing a slew of changes taking place across multiple platforms. And, if that wasn’t enough to whet the appetite, Respawn took the liberty to create a new hero for good measure, albeit, the update comes with a slight caveat. You’ll need 16gb’s of free space on your device to make use of the bonus content. Thanks a bunch, guys!

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The recent patch update initially forecast at E3 2019. Ever since, the developers, Respawn Entertainment, have drip-fed the consumer minute nuggets of mouth-watering intel. But rejoice, the wait is over, and fans finally have the chance to sample the fruits! All in all, there’s a lot of decent content to feast on here, but ultimately, nothing ground-breaking.

Perhaps the most significant offering is the inclusion of a new playable character. Unfortunately, though, Wattson comes with a hefty price attached. With that rather unsavoury note stinging the palette, you’ll need to cough up 12,000 tokens. Alternatively, the new, defence-minded Legend will set you back 750 Apex coins.

So then, is Wattson worth the price of admission? Well, like all the heroes in Apex Legends, she comes with a unique set of abilities. Those of which, if utilized correctly, can benefit the team. And therefore, determine the outcome of a match.

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Firstly, Wattson can fully charge her ultimate via ultimate accelerants, while positioning her close to an Interception Pylon turbocharges her tactical regen rate. Also, she can create an electrical grid by linking up nodes. Particularly useful, because the fields inflict damage while nullifying the enemy’s movements.


But the party doesn’t stop there. For all you statisticians worldwide, the Apex Legends Season 2 Patch has just the ticket. As of now, players can keep score on individual performance rates. Not only that, but the records are specific to each hero. Meaning, things like kill/death tallies are said to be rolling out in the coming weeks.

Add to that a fresh skin for newbie Wattson, and a handful of roulette packs dished out to each player free of charge. Talk about fan service. However, these are not the only changes to arise with the Apex Legends Season 2 Patch.

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There have also been some rather radical changes to the Kings Canyon map. As it stands, Leviathans now roam the lands, imposing creatures that add just another element of danger and should be avoided at all costs. That is, if you wish to stay in one piece.

If, however, the prospect of new cosmetics catches the eye, then perhaps you’re better off with the Battle Pass Bundle. So expect a decent goodie haul for 2,800 in-game coins. That said, Apex is like a box of chocolates; you never know what you’re going to get. Fingers crossed though; the investment will be worthwhile.

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Will you be hopping on board once more thanks to the Apex Legends Season 2 Patch? Or, are you dissatisfied with the new update? As always, we welcome any contributions. So please, get in touch below.


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