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Amber – “The Far Seeker” – is one of the first and original characters to do battle for the throne of Armello. As a character that rewards exploration and has a hefty purse of coins from the start, her average stats across the board make her a reliable, albeit not extraordinary, pick in the vanilla Armello experience.

Croft-like in action!
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The Early Stats Get the Best

Amber’s unique ability is called “Tomb Raider” – offering you better odds while exploring the perilous dungeons of Armello. In practicality, it is a pretty weak ability, in some games you simply won’t go into dungeons enough for it to matter – and in others you can easily roll poorly.

Afterall, even with enhanced rates – it is still a roll of the dice.

Not a lucky day for me…
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This doesn’t necessarily make her ability useless. However, relying on it to win you a game with god tier artifacts is hoping for too much. Sure, it can happen, but it’s far from reliable.

What is reliable however is her starting position.

Bringing a decent spread of stats, with a 3 in fight being her only real weakness, she is very capable early on in the game. This even spread of stats also means it takes extraordinarily bad luck to be in a bad starting position.

With a few spells or items, Amber can be a nasty combatant early on!
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Money Makes Armello Go Round

I usually choose to bring pink topaz as her ring. Starting with 8 gold and decent wit means that snagging a few settlements early can give you a huge financial advantage when paired with the pink topaz. When our fellow players finally have one or two items equipped, our Amber would have been fully geared up and still have plenty of funds left to chop and change!

This extra bit of income is extra useful because of her somewhat lacklustre fight, giving her plenty of money to activate any items that might help or avoid an encounter all together. With some focus on getting more wits through quests and a strong early game of gathering funds, Amber can be prepared for almost anything!

Early & Late Game Achiever

Her best strength definitely comes from the early game and potentially late game. With a vast collection of items, it can be quite easy to sneak a win from your opposition. Just the other day, a couple of well-placed traps and a “Hot Rot Wine” (an item that grants an additional movement point) secured us a win that neither of our very strong opponents saw coming!

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A True Performance

While Amber is far from strong, we have always found her performance reliable. Other characters rely on certain conditions to reach their true power, like Thane and a king-slayer victory – Amber can win through consistency of performance. For those wanting a change of pace or a more relaxed experience, Amber’s consistency is a welcome way to earn stars or gain achievements.

For those wanting to win as a king-slayer, look on to the Biggest, Baddest, Wolfest, Thane!