In Armello, a game that is deeply-entrenched in strategy, every individual character has his own stats and overall gameplay arc that makes him unique, not just to the story, but also the battle. Hence the need for an Armello character guide to ensure that you’re playing the game as ideally as possible. Of which, we’ll start with the big bad wolf, Thane!

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Big Bad Loadout for This Dawg

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Just before you start your next game, be sure to manage your loadout appropriately. In terms of amulets, your best bet is going for the “Think” amulet. A “+1” bonus to wits may seem like an odd addition for a character that likes to start a fight, but its use will be invaluable.

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Then, when it comes to the rings, if you have the DLC Usurpers Pack, the “Rubelite” ring is going to be your top choice every single time. Having “+3” to fight with when your health hits 3 or less is a benefit you can’t easily subvert!

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If you are without access to the DLC, then, be sure to use “Celestite” ring. It will ignore the mountain movement penalty and will make your enemies think twice before attacking you if you’re nested on top of a mountain.

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Big Bad Quests Only for the Bad Boys

As with any type of victory, you’re going to need to accomplish your quests to the best of your abilities, but which ones should you choose? Thankfully, with Thane, he likes to keep things simple for his strategy. Health and Fight are the only quests you’re going to want to aim for to ensure that Thane is the new king of Armello and you remain the victor!

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Big Bad… Okay, That’s Enough. Items, Spells or Trickery?

Once again, Thane likes to keep things simple with his cards and usually doesn’t require you to fiddle about with the trick-based cards. Instead, you should alternate between an item, and then a spell. If you’re heading towards the end of the game and you don’t feel as if you’d gain any benefits from items or spell cards, you may try your luck with a trick card in the hopes of tripping another player up. For the most part, however, they don’t carry their own worth when playing as Thane.

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What Cards Are Up Your Sleeve?

Now, the question is, how should you be using these cards? Now, that’s simple: either use them or burn them; don’t save them, though! With Thane, if you can’t equip it or find a use for it immediately within 1 or 2 turns, then it’s only real use is to be burned during the next set of fights or perils. Pretty much use them to your heart’s content and be aggressive with them, without the need of saving them for a long, elaborate play that may not even come to fruition. That’s simply not the ideal way to play Thane’s game-plan.

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What Sharp Equipment You Have!

For Thane’s character guide, we’ll start with what you’re ideally aiming for, and then move onto some of the best possible equip cards that Thane can make great use of. When it comes to weapons, you’re going to want to avoid anything that does not provide pierce. Why, you may ask? Because of Thane’s passive ability: “Sword cards burned in battle pierce opponents’ defenses.” As a result, any swords that you get that aren’t useful can be burned in combat to get an extra point of damage out without having to worry about the opponents’ defense stat. On top of this, cards that increase spirit or prestige are effectively useless to Thane, since they aren’t stats that are particularly important for the character’s play.

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Now, if the RNG gods wish to spill their secrets with you and bless you with some truly incredible items, such as Bane Blade, Royal Shield, Hero’s Shield, or Chainmail Shirt, it’s a trade you’re going to want to take. These items, especially when three of them are equipped onto Thane, make him practically unstoppable! No matter how many fights you get into with Thane, with that level of defense, your opponents’ attacks will pretty much be hot air.

I End My Turn!

This is a quick and easy strategy to follow: the forests, if you can typically get within range of one of them. Not being targetable for enemy spells is always a pleasant feeling with this tactic!

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By Honor of the King, I Declare…!

With King declarations, you’re going to want to avoid perils and focus more on placing bounties on other player’s heads. At this point, Thane will be built for defeating others with ease, allowing you to gain even more prestige and gold. Having such a strong lead will only allow you to snowball towards victory more and more with every passing turn.

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Choose Your Enemies Wisely

If you’re going for the hyper-aggressive approach, be sure to do it with people that are closer to you rather than further away. Far off enemies can prove quite a difficult opponent considering that they’re going to have access to more potent cards and tricks to use against you, if you irritate them too much. Be aggressive with your nearby opponents, but always be mindful of those with some distance. You really don’t want to be angering that one player you can’t reach who can suddenly punish you for merely being visible!

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How to Win. This is What You’ve Been Looking For, No?

There are 2 ideal ways to win with Thane: king-slayer and rot victory. Ideally, you’re going to want to aim for a king-slayer victory. By the end of the game, Thane is going to be so built-to-last that the king isn’t going to stand a chance against him, especially if the king has already been losing life as the game plays out.

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Via: Youtube/Rusak Fox

In terms of ease, king-slayer is the way to go, but you can still get away with a rot victory.

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Do be aware, however that other characters have a much easier time with building their rot counter in comparison to the king-slayer victory.

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Via: Youtube/Noel Anglero

The Night is Young

As with any character in this game, you’ve got plenty of wiggle-room to alternate your play where needed. This guide will set you up for a powerhouse build and give you an overall idea on what you should be aiming for with Thane – the wolf with a fighting spirit, leading his clan to victory!

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