Those of us nomads at heart who see the beauty in the Black Desert sands, prepare to be excited and disappointed, and then, excited again!

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Black Desert Mobile is the mobile version of the MMO of the same title that is currently enjoying a successful run in countries like Taiwan, Japan, and Korea.

However, those who think they’re getting the full Black Desert game will be a little disappointed.

Whichever mobile platform you play on, iOS or Android, you will only be playing Black Desert Mobile. It is its own game and not a direct port, unfortunately. There are only a few classes to start off with at first. However, they plan to release more in future patches.

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If you want to look at how to install Black Desert mobile, then you would need either an iOS or Android device. For those wanting to install the Black Desert Mobile English patch in 2019 without root in order to avoid the complicated and dangerous process of rooting, there is the option for no root APKs that are already English-patched.

This is relevant for those who only have access to the Black Desert Mobile Korean-language version. Unfortunately, it’s not an official English patch from the developers of Black Desert Mobile, so if you’re looking for an official English version, then you might be out of luck. they would need to create an English patch if they have the rights to create an English version of the game.

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Just make sure you have plenty of space on your iOS or Android device because its file size is pretty substantial. That means you need to free some gigs up on your phone. You might have to sacrifice a few other games on your phone, but it’s definitely worth it!