What is the first thing you notice when you boot up a game?
What is the one thing that makes your mouth gape?
What is the main thing that attracts everyone’s attention? No, not handsome Norman Reedus, even if he’s ranked #80 in Ranker’s “The Hottest Men Over 40”.

It’s the graphics.

Via: ArtStation/Sofi Sorokina

The Fan Art

When a game wins the hearts of art-savvy gamers, there’s bound to be fan art. And true enough, since Death Stranding was released there’s been plenty of fan art all over the internet. The art community really came out of the woodwork to show their appreciation for Hideo Kojima’s first project since leaving Konami. We, too, have our own glowing review of the Special Edition of the game!

Of course, artists post their work all over social media such as Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, but the art community, especially those looking to showcase their portfolio, post theirs on Artstation.

Via: ArtStation

What is Artstation?

While there are plenty of places to post your art, there’s no place as official-looking as Artstation. It is a website where artists can show off their art to those in the industry they’re looking to get into. With Artstation, you get your own portfolio website, are able to sell your art and prints, and even get a custom domain.

Via: ArtStation/Matteo Meloni

Death Stranding Fan Art on Artstation

If you look up Death Stranding, you’ll find fanart of everything from the antagonist, Higgs, to the vehicles that the main character rode throughout the game, such as the bicycle. Why would anyone draw just the bicycle, you ask? Well, character drawing isn’t the only thing industry professionals are looking for when it comes to art. They want to see if you can draw an environment, animals, vehicles, etc.

Via: ArtStation/Teo Alex
Via: ArtStation/Hazim Hisham

If you take a look through the Death Stranding fan art on Artstation, you’ll see plenty of art of only the beautiful environment found in Kojima’s new game. This is really impressive as learning to draw game environments is difficult – you have to learn the different elements involved in drawing buildings, terrains, landscapes, etc. Those who are looking to find a career in game art will find a booming industry where developers are trying to create open and beautiful game environments.

Via: ArtStation/Cola Chen

Here are some choice artworks cherry-picked by us!

Via: ArtStation/Matt Nelson
Via: ArtStation/Jakub Mrówczynski
Via: ArtStation/Eriko Pedojan
Via: ArtStation/Holo MoonPRO

Enjoy the game, and also remember to enjoy the beauty that makes it enjoyable too!

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