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The Clash universe has finally expanded outside of Clash of Clans, and before you dive into Clash Mini, thinking it might be another Clash of Clans, hold your horses! You need to learn the basics of building your decks!

About Decks

Before you sit down to create your very own deck, you need to keep in mind that the meta of Clash Mini can change with every patch. Don’t get too used to only one way of playing! Make sure that you strategize as you unlock new cards and collect new minis to battle on the field for you.

Countess‘ Deck

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The newest Hero Mini is the Vampire Countess, so we will start with her. Despite being the newest addition, the Countess is perfect for players fresh into Clash Mini. Optimizing your use of the Wizards in battle will help you turn the tides of this chess-style battler.

One of the units you want to work on upgrading first is your Spear Goblin. It can unleash a devastating spear toss that can absolutely turn the tide of battle if you upgrade it enough to stun. Upgrading your Spear Goblin with the Countess’ deck will yield even more damage as you level up.

The last piece you’ll want to consider for the Countess deck is the Electro Wizard. Watching the Electro Wizard in battle on the board has your wizard shooting devastating lightning bolts that have the chance of hitting multiple enemies from afar. Placing the Electro Wizard on the supercharger nets the unit four energy it can use to unleash powerful attacks on your enemy.

Barbarian King‘s Deck

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Watching the Barbarian King in action is almost mesmerizing as you watch him smash his way through the battlefield once the game starts. Of course, with any melee character, you’ll want to place your Barbarian King on the front lines of battle. By the time your magic archer inevitably takes down the enemy with range (especially if you place them on a supercharger) the Barbarian King should still have a healthy amount of HP left after you win the engagement.

For this deck, you’ll want to put the Wizard around the center lane to help deal damage from behind the Barbarian King. The best deck will take some tweaking as you make your way from the beginning ranks of Clash Mini. For those at the beginning stages of the game, the Barbarian King might not work for those who are just getting started. However, having the Wizard in your deck is a no-brainer, especially if you’re going up against a Shield Maiden. The Barbarian King might be one of your best bets as long as you’re strategically placing your magic archer and wizard.

Monk‘s Deck

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When playing as the Monk, you’d be surprised how far back some players place him in Clash Mini. It’s equally surprising that the Monk has changed enough since Clash Mini’s inception to be good enough to build an effective deck around. A miner is a perfect unit to pair with the Monk. As soon as the battle starts, you’ll see the miner tunnel across the chessboard and behind the enemy while your Monk and other units are taking care of things upfront.

After the first round, when you’re able to bring in more units, it would help if you had a guard near the Monk so you can get the enemy units to focus on the guard unit. Don’t forget to place your Miner down far from the Monk when you’re playing with a Clash Mini beginner deck so it can ravage the enemy team’s back line while your Monk is doing the work. Clash Mini is all about positioning, but if you’re going to play the Monk deck in Clash Mini you should already have a grasp on positioning your units. One thing to note when playing with the Monk deck is you’ll want to keep your Miner as upgraded as you can as you go through the rounds. Keeping a magic archer in your back lines, especially when you can start utilizing the supercharger, can mean the difference between a win and a loss.

Optimizing Your Clan = Optimizing Your Mini


Now that you’re familiar with some of the best Clash Mini beginner decks, you can customize your own deck as you see fit. If the meta has changed since this guide, then it’s important that you read the description of each unit and what their specific abilities are. For example, the miner, mentioned as a strong unit for the Monk deck, has an ability called Excitement. This Miner ability gives the unit a sizable speed bonus, but only for a short time. However, don’t think your Miner is always going to get the jump on the enemy team. There are some games where the Miner will dig their way to the other side of the battlefield only to have all of the units turn around and take out the miner. When that happens, you will be down a unit, but at least the rest of your team has a chance to get a couple of shots in.

Creating your Clash Mini beginner deck might take some tweaking, but as long as you follow the best strategies based on unit cohesion, then you’ll rise through the ranks quickly.