Aogami is an important figure in Shin Megami Tensei V. Because of his connection to the Protagonist, he contains powers that’ll be necessary for your demonic journey. In our Aogami guide, we delve into who he is and how to find the Essences you need to unlock some of the best skills in SMT V.

Who is Aogami in Shin Megami Tensei V?

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Aogami is a mysterious male figure who dives in as demons attack the Protagonist. To fight the situation, the two fuse together into a being known as a Nahobino. He laid witness to the appearance of Lucifer during the battle between Bethel and the forces of chaos at Tokyo Tower. After Lucifer scattered himself, Aogami placed himself in a dormant state until 18 years later, the Protagonist appeared. It is later revealed that Aogami’s real identity is Susano-o, a part of Bethel. His memory data suffered damage during the war.

What is Aogami Essence?

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As a Nahobino, you can gain access to powerful skills by collecting items called Aogami Essence. These are scattered across the game in eleven locations. Obtaining them means that you can make your character more powerful. Finding all of the essences takes a bit of time but ultimately will turn your Nahobino into a force to be reckoned with!

Where to Find Aogami Essence

Now that we’ve disclosed everything there is to know about Aogami and the Essences, it’s time to find out where to find these elusive items. To activate them and deck yourself out with their hidden powers, you need to use the Leyline Crossing and select Apotheosis from the options.

Aogami Essence Location 1

The first Aogami Essence can be found quite early in the game and grants you access to Aramasa. This skill is a physical attack that strikes enemies with eight consecutive attacks. To find it, you need to head east of the Hamamatsucho Leyline, past the first highway. There, you should be able to see a yellow treasure box. Destroy it, and the first Aogami Essence is yours.

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Aogami Essence Location 2

The second Aogami Essence is called Miracle Water, and it’s an important one. After obtaining its power, you can use a healing skill that provides low HP recovery to all allies. It can be found at Nagatacho Leyline. Once there, go west and look for two yellow boxes. The second Aogami Essence is located in the one at the back.

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Aogami Essence Location 3

The third Aogami Essence is called Sakanagi. It’s a powerful single-target attack that deals medium Almighty damage to a foe. You’ll need to make your way to the Leyline Crossing at Tennozu Isle to obtain this one. There, you’ll find a bridge. Cross it, then head north until you encounter – you guessed it! – a yellow treasure box. Destroy it, and the third Aogami Essence is yours.

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Aogami Essence Location 4

The fourth Aogami Essence is called Ruinous Thunder. This single-target attack deals immense Electric damage to a foe and is particularly strong against those weak to it. Obtaining this essence involves going to Konan 3rd Block Leyline. Once there, you need to head south across the railroad. At some point, you’ll encounter an area in the east you can drop into called Container Yard. Here, you’ll find the coveted yellow treasure box with the fourth Aogami Essence inside.

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Aogami Essence Location 5

The fifth Aogami Essence is called Kannabi Veil. As you might expect, it’s a defensive skill that lowers damage taken for all party members for a single turn. You need to make your way to Shinagawa Station Leyline, then head southeast to get this essence. Continue across the river until you reach a waterfall. Climb the nearby hill, and there you’ll find the yellow box. Destroy it to make the fifth Aogami Essence yours.

Aogami Essence Location 6

The sixth Aogami Essence is called Divine Arrowfall. You’ll definitely like this one because it’s an AOE attack that strikes all enemies for enormous Almighty damage. You’ll need to go to Sukiyabashi Leyline and head northeast to find this essence. Turn northwest and move along the highway once you make it to the end. Once you see a building, make a left, and you’ll see six yellow boxes under a cliff. Destroy them all, and one contains the sixth Aogami Essence.

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Aogami Essence Location 7

The seventh Aogami Essence is called Wrath Tempest. Another AOE attack that hits random enemies with a high critical strike chance. To get it, you’ll need to port to Kana Shrine Leyline Crossing and drop from the cliff in the south. Make your way southeast along the highway and continue straight even when you’re past it. Again, once you see a building, fall from the cliff, and you’ll find the yellow box with the seventh Aogami Essence.

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Aogami Essence Location 8

The eighth Aogami Essence is called Profaned Land. It’s a powerful attack that strikes a single enemy with considerable Dark damage. To get this one, head to the Otemachi Leyline and climb the nearby platforms at the end of the path. At the top, you’ll find the yellow treasure box with the eighth Aogami Essence.

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Aogami Essence Location 9

The ninth Aogami Essence is called Thalassic Calamity. This one unleashes three to seven attacks that deal Ice damage to random foes. You can pick it up by making your way to Shinobazu Pond Leyline then going west. Once your reach a fork in the road, go right. There, you’ll come across a highway from which you’ll need to head southeast. Soon, you’ll find the yellow treasure box with the ninth Aogami Essence.

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Aogami Essence Location 10

The tenth Aogami Essence is called Revival Chant, and it does what it says on the tin. It resummons a fallen demon in your party back with full HP. To get this one, you’ll need to warp to Komagata Leyline Crossing, then head west. Once you come across a building, make your way to its rear to discover the box containing the tenth Aogami Essence.

Aogami Essence Location 11

The eleventh and final Aogami Essence is called Murakumo, and it’s probably one of the best skills in the game. It deals a boatload of Almighty damage that becomes enhanced when it lands as a critical strike. To get this skill, you need to make your way east from Asakusa Leyline. After climbing up a few blocks, you’ll find the yellow treasure box containing this powerful skill.

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