For all you battle royale fans out there, you’ll know that skins and cosmetic items are the most desirable items within these types of games.

Call of Duty
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The ability to personalize and express yourself through your online appearance has become a staple of the multiplayer experience. Although COD mobile may not be a battle royale title primarily, the game still has plenty of cosmetic items to offer, so, players can suit up how they see fit, whether that be as iconic characters of the series or perhaps some more thematic and wacky skins.

A lot of these skins are locked behind ‘paywalls,’ where players will have to invest their hard-earned cash to get their hands on them. However, there are quite a few cosmetic goodies that are completely free and can be acquired by logging in during events, playing matches, rising in rank, and completing challenges.

It can be a little overwhelming keeping track of what you need to do to acquire these skins. At times it almost feels like you need a spreadsheet to stay on top of it! Fear not! We’ve done all the hard work for you, locating all the free skins on offer and working out how to claim them as your own!

So, How can I Acquire Free Skins?

Before we run through what’s on offer in the most recent season, you’ll need to know how to claim your free goodies. We have devised a quick list of methods that will help you optimize your hunt for free COD Mobile loot and take away the stressful situation of potentially missing out on free skins.

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Here is our guide to claiming the newest and most stylish COD Mobile free skins!

Log-in Bonuses

That’s right, one method of claiming premium gear completely free is simply by turning up!

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If you log in, you’ll be given a daily reward. Do this consistently throughout the season and you’ll see the tokens turn into grand prizes as you rack up consistent days online. So, to grab some free COD Mobile skins, all you need to do is just appear online!

Completing Challenges

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Another way to get your hands on great free skins without rummaging around in your wallet is through completing challenges. These challenges often go hand in hand with holiday-related events. Players will be tasked with a series of in-game actions that they must complete to claim their reward. Some of these are pretty tricky but the spoils are completely worth it. So be sure to check the event-related challenges and work toward some stunning free COD Mobile skins!

Battle Pass

Cod Mobile may be a little more nuanced than just your run-of-the-mill battle royale. However, the game still boasts a battle pass system where players earn exclusive rewards for ranking up and earning XP. Admittedly, you’ll have to be patient if you don’t want to buy into the pass initially, but if you play tirelessly, you will eventually be awarded with the chance to get into this exclusive club for no fee at all.

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Then once you’re in, you can consistently earn enough credits to buy your way into the next season with no need for real world currency. Meaning that all the goodies that lay within are completely free for as long as you can keep earning enough credits. This system rewards hardworking players, which is great!

Free Skins on Offer – Season 13

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Season 13 is referred to as “winter war”, aptly named due to its release during the winter season. You’ll be happy to know that there is a ton of free skins available for you whether you are a new player to the series or a seasoned veteran. So we thought it would be best to run through where you might find them and give you an idea of what items there are on offer exactly.

Check out the free skins you’ll get below!

Nomad – Going Dark

In the ranked reward section for this season, you’ll find two incredible skins modelled after the iconic character “Nomad.” One skin shows the bulky soldier in his full gear minus the head gear and the second skin on offer sees him kitted out from head to toe. It’s a slick black and orange design and perfect for any player looking to spice up their aesthetic on the battlefield. You can grab this one simply by accumulating some XP. So, simply jump into a match and work toward earning your prize!

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Resnov – Winterworld

Now we have a skin in the battle royale rank reward section. This skin is a wonderful reimagining of the Call of Duty: World at War and Call of Duty: Black Ops character, Resnov. The skin sees the character in his usual getup but with a snazzy blue hue to his apparel. It’s a great skin to get your hands on and most importantly, it’s completely free if you play the battle royale mode and rank up. So be sure to drop in for some mass multiplayer matches to get this one!

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Vasquez – Fission

Next up, we have a skin that can be acquired by making use of the “lucky board.” This is a lucky dip function that offers players free skins and items in return for watching advertisements. Not exactly the most subtle thing in the world but at least we get a reward for our efforts. In this iteration, we have a free skin on offer that is filled with color and packed with flair. The skin is littered with radioactive signs and has a vibrant teal hue. In short, it’s very expressive, a standout piece and a perfect skin to add to your collection free of charge!

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Lev Kravchenko – General Frost

The daily login reward calendar also has a free skin to offer players who are consistently coming back to COD Mobile day after day. This one is another Russian soldier, Mr. Lev Kravchenko. This skin showcases the hardened Soviet in a white overcoat with khaki green accents. It’s a rather understated look that is perfect for players that like a more reserved and professional appearance when playing. Be sure to log in every day to grab this one!

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Prophet – Desolate

The daily challenges are also a great source of free goodies, and in season 13, they play host to a real showstopper. The desolate skin for the character, Prophet, offers a design that looks like it’s been lifted straight from the Destiny franchise. The new age armor looks staggeringly good and the use of subtle earth tones makes this one a must-have for your collection! Be sure to complete those challenges and pick up this brilliant free skin!

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Outrider – Cyberline

Lastly, we have our first and only female skin on the free-to-acquire list for this season. Now, admittedly this skin will be tough to acquire for free as you will need 6000 credits to purchase this one from the in-game store. However, if you play matches, attend events and complete challenges, you will earn a good amount of credits, most likely accumulating just enough to acquire this one without any need for real-world cash to come into play.

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This skin features a very colorful suit that looks like you have entered a computer data stream, becoming one with the computer’s matrices. It has a bold neon blue and purple color contrast, along with some very classy textures on the suit, and overall, it’s the standout pick of the entire bunch. So if you have enough credits sitting in your account, be sure to get this one before it’s off the market for good!

Show Me Some Skin!

So that’s our list of the most amazing free skins on Call of Duty Mobile available throughout Season 13. Which of these skins have you acquired already? Are there any that you really want for your collection? Which skins would you love to see become available for free. Let us know in the comments section below and as always, thank you for reading.

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