If you’re even remotely interested in mobile gaming, you’ll be aware of the phenomenon that is “Call of Duty Mobile.”

This reimagining of the incredible series for mobile devices has been one met with adoration from fans, all leading to Activision’s asset boasting huge revenue figures, a strong concurrent player base, and one of the most mechanically sound games available on the platform. Casual players all around the globe have fully invested in this title, dropping in for a game or two a day. However, we want to focus more so on the hard-core players that make up Call of Duty Mobile’s competitive player base.

Call of Duty Mobile
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Much like the fully-fledged titles in the series, Call of Duty Mobile plays host to an online ranking system, one that keeps track of player performance and helps match players with others of a similar skill set. Plus, it allows you to play with skilled pros if you are just as good as them.

It may not give the same recognition as eSports-level competitions, but for mobile gamers, this is just as adrenaline-pumping!

For newcomers, the system can be a little overwhelming and confusing. With so much information littering the screen as you enter the main menu, you’d be forgiven for accepting defeat and sticking to casual matches. However, we don’t see why you should have to miss out on your shot to prove you are the best player around.

So, we have put together a comprehensive guide, showing you how the ranking system works. So without further delay here is our Call of Duty Mobile ranking system guide!

What are the Ranks in Call of Duty Mobile?

Much like many competitive live service titles, Call of Duty Mobile offers a ranking system that allows you to get a broad idea of where you rank amongst the rest of the world. These rankings are tallied with ranking points which increase and decrease depending on your performance in matches. Players will play a series of placement matches to find their starting position and then it is up to the player to climb the ladder through good performances.

Here is a list of the various rankings one can achieve in Call of Duty Mobile:

Rookie (1-1000 RP)

Firstly, we have the rookie rank.

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This is the least populated rank of the entire bunch as most players will find that this is below their natural skill level. This rank is instead populated by bots to make up the numbers and allows new players to naturally climb the ladder without encountering too many human opponents that will make their rise to the next rank too difficult.

This rank is split into five segments. from Rookie I to Rookie V. Each of these segments are split at 200 ranking point-increments.

Veteran (1001-2000 RP)

Next up, we have the veteran rank.

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This class still has a large number of beginners, along with some underperforming seasoned players. This is where you will begin to see players who have a grasp of the game mechanics and a decent knowledge of the maps. In other words, your challenge now begins! However, still expect to see players who aren’t sure what weapon class suits their playstyle. Plus, tactical gameplay is very rarely seen here.

This rank is also split into five segments in the same format as the its preceding rank – Veteran 1 to Veteran V.

Elite (2001-3000 RP)

Now we have the elite rank.

This rank is where the playing field starts to even out.

Most players are very knowledgeable of the various maps, most players know what their ideal load out is and almost every player can competently handle the various game mechanics. To rise above the pack in this rank, you’ll need to have a tactical approach. Communication with your team is vital, checking corners is a must and playing to your strengths is a key way to win. If you can do all this, you just might move on to the next rank.

This one is also split into five segments, as with the earlier two ranks.

Pro (3001-4500 RP)

Now we have the most populated rank of the lot — the pro rank.

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This is where most skilled players will find themselves as most of the population will be competent in all areas of the game. However, they may not have the refinement and tactical know-how to reach the highest ranks.

This rank is split into five segments like before but this time, it’s split in 300 RP increments. For any player who has played the original series and tries their hand at the mobile version, this is where you will likely find yourself ranked.

Master (4500-6500 RP)

This rank is where the cream of the crop battle it out for supremacy!

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Every player in this rank has an extensive knowledge of the mechanics, maps, load-outs, perks and tactics required to pick up kills and win matches for their team.

Each of the five segmented ranks is split by 400 RP increments, the biggest gap in any rank. Only the best of the best ascend from this rank!

Legendary (6500 RP and Over)

Then we have the top of the food chain.

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The best players that Call of Duty Mobile has to offer. The legendary ranking plays host to the most elite set of players on the platform. These players have truly mastered all there is to master within the game. They have climbed the ladder to the top and they now sit atop their perch reaping all the rewards that the legendary rank has to offer. These players are the most tactically aware and holistically skilled players you will encounter, so if you manage to make it to this rank, you will have earned your place.

Everyone with a RP total of 6500 or higher will find themselves in the legendary ranking. Congrats if you are one of them!

How Do I Increase My Rank in COD Mobile?

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Rising through the ranks is simple in principle — all the player has to do is win ranked matches. However, there is always going to be a party of enemies standing in the way of your success. Playing battle royale, casual matches or zombie modes will not count toward your progression, so just bear that in mind before you spend hours on any one of them.

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Your RP total for each game you play will be determined by three factors. These are your kill count, your survival time and your death count. These are weighted at 50%, 20% and 30%, respectively. Naturally, if these scores are good, you’ll rise up the ranking.

Note that you can slide down the ranks and have work back up to where you were. Ranked mode is an intense struggle with high stakes but that is why it’s so enjoyable!

How Do I Access Ranked Matches?

So now that you have a good understanding of the inner workings of this system, you may be wondering how to actually play a ranked game. Well, don’t panic because we have you covered!

Here is a quick step by step guide that shows you how to access online ranked matches in Call of Duty Mobile:

Step 1 – Tap on multiplayer mode

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Step 2 – Two options will come up, these being ‘ranked match’ and ‘casual match’. Select ranked.

Step 3 – Select your load out, character preferences and perks.

Step 4 – Select ‘play match’ and wait until you find a game.

Step 5 – Good luck!

Is there an Online Leader board?

Having a broad rank is great, but what happens if your buddies are in the same rank? How are you meant to find out who is the better player?

Well, that’s a simple one. You simply use the online leader board that helps you compare your overall position in the world along with stats like your kill-to-death (K/D) ratio, your kills-per-match average and your overall win rate. You can compare yourself with the entire roster of COD Mobile players or you can narrow it down to just your registered friends, making it super easy to brag about your superiority on the battlefield.

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So that’s our extensive guide on the Call of Duty: Mobile ranking system. Did you find the guide helpful? What do you think of the ranking system in Call of Duty Mobile? How does it compare to other ranking systems in gaming? Let us know in the comments below and as always, thank you for reading!