Battlefield games are known for their replayability. They’re timeless. Go back as far as Bad Company, and it still feels like a pretty modern game. That definitely says something about EA’s talent with game design. But, with the release of Battlefield 5, do people still play Battlefield 4?

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The game released all the way back in 2013. Needless to say, in video game years, that’s old. Take a look at other games from that time, and they’ll look pretty dated for today’s standards. Although, if you check out some gameplay of Battlefield 4, you probably wouldn’t know it isn’t a new release. The cutting edge graphics, beautiful massive maps and fantastic physics all have the traits of a new release. The game was a marvel of it’s time, a technological achievement, and a display of the potential of good optimization. But, does it still hold up today? Do people still play it?

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Well, yes!

Currently, if you consult the Battlefield 4 population tracker, you’ll see that they’re still getting about 20,000 players. That’s really impressive for a game considering that it was released in October of 2013. Back in it’s prime, they were getting about 200,000, so it hasn’t dropped off too badly.

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Now, let’s say that you’re looking to hop into a quick public game. How long would it take to find a full match?

While it does depend on the time of day, you should be able to find a match within 2-5 minutes. If you’re playing in the morning to mid day, it’ll take a bit longer. At night, you should be in a game relatively quickly. The real problem with the game is hackers.

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You’re likely to find a hacker if you play more than a few games, so buckle up, because it isn’t too fun. Anti-cheats have been improving drastically over the years, thus Battlefield 4’s anti-cheat is pretty lackluster.

If you’re looking to play a game that has the qualities of a brand new game for a fraction of the price, get Battlefield 4, hands down. The graphics are absolutely gorgeous, you can play it on an Xbox 360, and it’s shockingly affordable. Occasionally, the price will drop as low as $4.99!

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I got it, and boy have I been having a great time. It’s a classic already. EA might not be making the best moves in recent years, but, boy oh boy, do they know how to make an FPS game!