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In 2001, Bungie Studios released the very first Halo and it changed the gaming industry forever. Halo: Combat Evolved was such a groundbreaking game at the time that other games released afterward had a hard time trying to be the “Halo killer.”

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19 years later, the game series is with another company, 343 Industries, and is still a commercial success. So, it only makes sense to continue the “Halo” brand success with the 6th installment, “Infinite”.

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The XBox E3 Briefing brought us an exclusive look into the next installment of the Halo series, along with other show-stopping games!

So far, Halo Infinite has been confirmed for both the PC and Xbox console. PC players will rejoice in the fact that they get to finally dip into the Halo franchise off the bat without needing to wait for years for a PC port. In fact, later this year, the Halo: Master Chief Collection which includes Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary, Halo 2: Anniversary, Halo 3, the Halo 3: ODST Campaign and Halo 4 will be released as well.

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Square Enix’s show also presents some past nostalgia, along with some ports for the Nintendo Switch. While not exactly an anniversary release, Ubisoft is still creating new content for older games. Check them all out!

While 343 Industries, the current developer behind the Halo series, is rumored to be testing a new engine they’ve developed, it doesn’t look like they’ll be dipping into the bandwagon of a battle royale mode just yet. In fact, Jeff Easterling, 343’s lead writer, said the only “BR” they’re currently interested in is one of Halo’s signature weapons, the battle rifle.

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It seems like Bethesda is interested in non-BR modes as well, what with the lack of info about it in their newest games.

Halo Infinite currently has a release time frame around the holiday season of 2020, which is great for everyone who gets to ask for it for Christmas if it happens to release around then. For those who miss the old school couch play with friends, the game with has a local split-screen play up to four players.

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While 343’s Chris Lee confirmed there won’t be loot boxes, there is the talk of some forms of microtransactions, although there aren’t any additional details regarding those.

There is currently no release date for the beta yet, but we’re looking forward to stepping back into Master Chief’s shoes.

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