So, you’ve bitten the bullet and jumped head first into The Elder Scrolls Legends after reading our Beginners’ Guide. So, now, you think you can dance?

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You’ve done your story content, you’ve gotten into the swing of logging in daily and getting a few Gauntlets done and have built up a decent collection. Now you want to dive into some Ranked to test your skills but you don’t want to spend money quite yet. You also want to learn how to play the game while having fun and climbing the ladder.

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The best way to accomplish all of this is to learn how to play a beginner-friendly budget deck. As we said in our previous article, the best budget decks are usually mid-ranged or aggro or a mix of both. These not only help you get some easy wins but also give you enough ground to learn about favorable trading and setting up win conditions, as well as calculating how soon you can finish off your opponent.

Deck building can be a bit daunting when you’re first starting out. No worries! In this article, we’ve got some of The Elder Scrolls Legends’ best decks that are both budgeted and simple to use, and most of all still relevant in the 2020 meta.

Budget Midgro Sorcerer

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Deck code: SPACaAbQAGnNakomeQhEeXAMhUoMoerIrCrQsmdIjHnrljcI

This Budget mid-ranged deck is an aggressive deck for players who appreciate some versatility. It has the ability to play defensively against other aggro decks on top of being a fast face deck itself. Your minions have solid stats that can trade favorably in a lot of situations. Wards provide you with some added trading capabilities to deal with those pesky board swarm decks.

The Field lane is the crux of the strategy behind this budget deck. Juggling two lanes is one of the main challenges of The Elder Scrolls Legends, so focusing on one lane makes this an ideal deck for beginners. Dominating the Field lane allows you to almost always have favorable trades. Forcing your opponent into Shadow means that you can do as you want in the Field.

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One quick tip – because we always forget this! – is before trading with your opponent, be sure to summon Dragontail Savior so it can get buffed.

Budget Red-Based Aggro Crusader

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Deck code: SPAGqYqRiZnYmEeTAHhwagcMrclGcPmCAKdLlDprdelLkNkzahgpgo

This budget aggro deck is the epitome of “Face is the Place”. There’s really not much more explanation needed in order to understand the strategy behind piloting it. You’ve got minions? Go face. You’ve got spells? Hit them in the kisser. The key to understand is that your Magica is best used to damage your opponent’s health pool as efficiently as possible.

Trading will not often be in your favor. Unless you’re attempting to survive because you’ve got a good hand to end the game in the next turn, it’s best to focus on doing direct damage. This means that the deck faces uphill battles against control and some mid-ranged decks.

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One important thing to remember is that your Firebrands can do solid damage from hand with cards like Orc Clan Captain and Fifth Legion Trainer.

Budget Red Aggro Warrior

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Deck code: SPAFnNlGgoaUclAJrclDkNahwTnYagcMmCAJoRrQhUsmprdelLkzvB

This Elder Scrolls Legends budget deck is an excellent alternative to the Red-based Crusader. It’s got the face capabilities with some room for trading, so it’s a great fit for players who appreciate some contingency. Your primary aim is to smack your opponent’s health pool as much as possible and only trade when you’re in danger of losing the board.

Cards like Wind Keep Spellsword and Haunting Spirit will provide you with some defensive flexibility so you can last a bit longer against pesky control decks. In a pinch, they can also be your last chance to set up a win condition.

Budget Token Empire

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Deck code: SPACxbnNAObocxgTsWnBdftupTrQwGuqimxzxuAPtskknMgpfxfDhUlZsmbYsQdheDumwc

This budget deck is a quintessential token deck, meaning a deck that focuses on generating swarms of small minions. These minions can later be buffed with a variety of spells to allow for favorable trades or to go face and finish off your opponent. We’ve included this deck because it’s made out of common and rare cards from the Moons of Elsweyr set which has some fun mechanics!

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In order to make this deck, you’ll need to do the following:

  • Buy and complete The Fall of the Dark Brotherhood story expansion for 3,000 gold.
  • Buy the Khamira’s Rebellion premade deck for 500 gold to get a second copy of Divine Fervor.
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  • Buy the Empire Conquest premade theme deck for 1,000 gold to get a third copy of Divine Fervor.
  • Buy the Forgotten Hero Collection for 1,500 gold to get three copies of Bleakcoast Troll.
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  • Buy the Pact Assault premade theme deck for 1,000 gold to get Shadowfen Priest.
  • Craft one copy of Apprentice Necromancer.

All other cards you will need are commons and rares from Core, HoS, HoM, Alliance War, Moons of Elsweyr and Jaws of Oblivion.

Now you’ve got a nice selection of some of The Elder Scrolls Legends’ best decks that are both beginner-friendly and easy to put together. These should also give you a nice start with thinking about deck building by improving upon them little by little as you build your collection with more Legendary and Epic cards.

Good luck and get climbing!

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