Getting Great Rewards

If you’re looking for great rewards in Evony The King’s Return, then looking up an attack guide for bosses such as boss 12, Kamaitachi, is the way to go. You can get rewards from bosses such as manticores or dragons rather easily, but you would benefit from fighting these bosses with other players in an alliance. However, you would need to refer to a building guide to get an embassy to bolster your reinforcements or for ways to build a subordinate city for different buffs.

greedy goblin
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How About the Greatest Reward?

Getting down to business, we know you’re not here for a building guide for a subordinate city or to find ways to defeat dragons. You’re here because you want to find out how to defeat Evony the King’s Return’s Greedy Goblin!

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How Hard Can a Goblin Be?

Even if you had thousands in your troop’s power level, you’re still going to get leveled by a level 1 Greedy Goblin. Some say you’re going to need a power level in the hundreds of thousands. That might seem like overkill for a mere level 1 monster, but by now you’ll know this is no mere monster! You’re going to need it!

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What Else Will I Need Against It?

You’ll also need to cut troop losses by making sure your military research is skilled up to full. Having more archers in your ranks will help keep your losses to a minimum, but even then, it might be a rough one. If you’re thinking about going after the level 4 Greedy Goblin, then you’ll want to look at a power level closer to half a million. Imagine the number of zeroes in that!

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Is The Greedy Goblin Worth It?

Defeating a Greedy Goblin in Evony, The King’s Return will get you a whole load of gold and that’s definitely worth fighting for!

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…Anything Stronger?

There is a higher-level Greedy Goblin, but it’s said to only appear during certain events in Evony The King’s Return, so don’t expect it to be readily found. If you do run across one, make sure you’ve maxed out everything the game has to offer if you want even a fighting chance against it!