Congratulations on 12 Whole Seasons!

PUBG Mobile has been around for two years now and it’s already entering its twelfth season!

pubg mobile

In fact, many are counting season 12 of PUBG Mobile as the celebration for the second anniversary of the hit battle royale title. Season Twelve of PUBG Mobile brings the 0.17.0 patch of the game to our hands with a slew of new content that you can play in the office (as long as your boss isn’t watching!)

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What’s New (x12)!!

There is a new colorblind mode, a way to watch replays of your death, a new shotgun, and much more. Of course, what is a new season without more character and weapon skins? Let’s take a look at:

The PUBG Mobile Season 12 Tier List Rewards

Tier 1-5: Wintered Soldier Headgear

Tier 5-9: Critical Hit

Via: Youtube/

Tier 10-13: Mr. Unicorn Ornament

Via: Youtube/EZR Gaming

Tier 14-17: Mr. Unicorn Ornament

Tier 18-21: Anniversary Celebration Dacia

Via: Youtube/Tanda Gamers

Tier 22-25: Anniversary Celebration Dacia

Tier 26-30: Anniversary Celebration Dacia

Tier 31-33: Anniversary Celebration Finish

Tier 34-37: Anniversary Celebration Finish

Tier 39-43: Royale Pass Avatar Frame

Via: Youtube/Mad Tamizha

Tier 44-48: Foxy Maiden Set

Via: Youtube/Preapchan Krisna

Tier 49-53: Hardened Veteran

Via: Creedajeet

Tier 54-57: Mr. Woof Grenade

Via: FB @VeeE.P.S.1.4

Tier 58-62: Lion’s Majesty – Pan

Tier 63-67: Lion’s Majesty – Pan

Tier 68-71: Battlefield Geek Backpack

Via: Youtube/Canada Squad

Tier 72-75: Battlefield Geek Backpack

Tier 76-79: Battlefield Geek Backpack

Tier 80-83: Anniversary Celebration – PP-19 Bizon

Via: Twitter @deddrp

Tier 84-88: Anniversary Celebration – PP-19 Bizon

Tier 89-92: Phantom Catgirl Set

Via: Youtube/Providential Gaming

Tier 93-96: Phantom Catgirl Set

Tier 97-100: Hardened Veteran Set

Via: Youtube/Yash Karan TechComm

Are You Not Entertained!?

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Playing through the game is the only answer on getting more items through each tier set. For example, the Lion’s Majesty – Pan set might look like a repeat, but you’re earning items through each tier that you can search through each item’s tags.

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You know it’s all worth as you dance your way to a chicken dinner in a nifty, hard-earned outfit!