September 7, 1997 was the historic day in gaming – the day when the North American version of Final Fantasy VII was released, and the world of gaming forever changed! Those who have played the game surely will remember a very iconic scene from the game, and this very scene, printed on the disc cover, is remade too!

Square Enix released this beautiful piece of memory onto Twitter for us all to revel in its glory:

Via: Twitter Square Enix

Here’s the original tweet to send your adrenaline skyrocketing, ’cause it’s proof that this isn’t fan art!

Just one look at this scene sends memories flooding into our minds. We remember the beginning of a brand new, exciting adventure. We remember the struggles of Avalanche and the people of Midgard. We remember the dire fate of the world as life constantly leaks from those reactor pipes.

Notice the details of the Shinra building, with every nut and bolt and iron edge clearly defined, and Cloud’s clothes displaying all creases as if it’s really a piece of cloth digitized onto our screens.

Most of all is the Buster Sword.

The iconic sword that initiated us into Final Fantasy VII, and continued to be an icon in other spin-offs like Crisis Core, is now detailed in every edge and ornate carvings in its hand guard. Plus, we finally see a use for the two gaping holes at the blade’s base: Materia holders! Watch them glow!

Do you remember what this scene looked like back then? Here’s a series of recaps for us all to compare and reminisce:

Here is the original disc cover that came with the game. Its of Cloud facing a whitewashed Shinra building brought on some mystery on what we’re seeing here. We edited Square Enix’s image to make it look like the disc cover.

Original disc cover image from: Watch Us Play Games –
Remade imagefrom: Square Enix Logo on remade image from: PNGkey

As fans of the game, we tend to want to get wallpapers of it plastered on our PCs back then, or maybe printed out and stuck onto our bedroom walls. Here’s how the new image would look like as a wallpaper.

Original Cloud wallpaper from:
Remade Cloud wallpaper from: Square Enix

In 2019, wallpapers now include those on our phones, and one Twitter user was so happy, he didn’t wait to change the wallpaper on his phone!

Another Twitter user proved that he’s a dedicated fan by animating the remade artwork!

The animation of the leaking mako from the pipes beautifully speaks of the wastage of the planet’s life force, and essentially what Cloud and the vigilante group aim to do.

There’s only one thing we can say about the remade artwork of this iconic scene:

Here’s our review of an early trailer of the game, where we first get substantial, tantalizing information about the game:

Final Fantasy VII Trailer: Remaking the Game and Our Hearts