Your Guide to The Legend Of Zelda Memes

It’s no secret after over thirty years and multiple games in the series that there will be plenty of Legend of Zelda memes. From cartoony graphics to comical characters, there’s no doubt the internet has filled its void with plenty of Legend of Zelda memes. While some are entirely unrelated to the Legend of Zelda itself, there are some that are relevant to the game from Link’s guides through the series to Navi’s incessant nagging. Let’s take a look at some funny Legend of Zelda memes.


From Midna to Navi, Link has had plenty of guides throughout the series. Our silent protagonist might not know his right from his left sometimes, but there’s no doubting he wouldn’t be where he is today without some great guides. To say there weren’t any food guides in the series is a travesty, even if one of them is an actual boat.

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From different colored ChuChus to different ocean-related monsters, it’s no wonder Link looked absolutely done in the Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. Maybe it’s because the developers wanted to do something different by introducing this new cartoon link that would span across a number of games after this one. This will be forever enshrined on the pedestal of “the truth” on the Legend of Zelda memes hall of fame.

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Surprisingly, if you search for Legend of Zelda memes, you won’t find a lot about the master sword. Even when it’s appeared in almost all of his games, including Link’s appearance as a Soul Calibur character, there’s not much to be said about a sword in a stone. The only one we could find is one that would absolutely suck. Imagine what Link had to go through in the Ocarina of Time, only for him to snap the sword at the end. Oops.

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As cute as Navi looked and sounded, having this fairy forced upon Link by the Great Deku Tree was often a pain. We understand the need to have a floating ball of blinding light helping us solve puzzles while screaming “HEY! LISTEN!!” every step of the way. Worst of all, Navi ditched us after the Ganon fight like we didn’t just go through heck and back together.

There’s plenty of Legend of Zelda memes on the internet, but you might be hard-pressed to find ones relevant to the game. Just make sure you’re not viewing any of them at work as some might be NSFW.

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