Ever since the introduction of the “Reaper” skin in season 3, John Wick has been a massive part of the lore of the game. His skin was almost associated with the gods of Fortnite. It’s only right that he officially got his own cosmetic, with the introduction of “John Wick,” named after the legendary Hollywood assassin. Considering the third John Wick movie just released (which I highly recommend), it’s a great time for both Epic and players for a new John Wick skin to drop.

New Skin – Hot in Every Way Imaginable

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This skin is clean. An optionally battered, encrimsoned black suit matched with Keanu Reeves’ famous face makes for one of the best cosmetics in Fortnite history. Everything about it screams pro.

Wick’s Booty Bounty Challenge

The new skin comes with a plethora of challenges, which allow you to unlock wraps, gliders, back blings, and more. The challenges are easy, so you should be able to complete all of them within a day or so. Honestly, it’s worth completing them just for the glider.

Two Skins From One Stud

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This skin comes with two different styles, clean and bloodied. Both are really great, but the post-fight John Wick looks pretty fierce.

The Glider – Smooth Operator


Along with the all-black attire, there’s also an entirely black umbrella which looks fantastic. I’ve always preferred umbrellas to gliders, but they knocked it out of the park on this one.

The Wrap – Normally Perfect

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You guessed it, an all-black wrap. I’ve always disliked the metallic finish of the wrap-less guns, so this matte black makes every gun look sleek. Not only does it match with the John Wick skin, it also works on any other skin in the game. Undoubtedly a great pickup.

He’s Bringing Sexy Back-Bling

Via: Epic Games

This black bling is beautiful. The black bag with an AR precariously peeking out of it matches this game’s personality so well. Also, it can pretty much be matched with any skin in the game and bring it to a new level of aesthetics. There will be some killer skin combos coming out of this drop.

The Pickaxe – It’s Hammerin’ Time!

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Although this is still a great pickaxe – or rather, sledgehammer, I should say – it can never match the scythe from the original Reaper skin. That was the perfect pickaxe. Nevertheless, a very fitting pickaxe, because the sledgehammer scene in John Wick is super badass.


Easter Eggs

I love easter eggs in any game, but Epic makes them special. As a tribute to John Wick, they’ve included his house to the right of paradise palms. Detailed down to the black car sitting out front, this is a great way of acknowledging all that the franchise has done for them.

John Wick’s house in the movies
Via: Fortnite Insider
John Wick’s house in Fortnite
Via: Fortnite Insider

The Man of Action in Action

If you want to see this skin in action, I recommend checking out the video below by ValTheVal:

The skin looks even better in the game. Fortnite still knows what the community likes and they’re keeping in touch. If they keep it up, Epic could vastly extend the lifespan of this game. Players have been asking for over a year, and Epic came through.

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