Geralt is back on TV once more, much to the delight of fans worldwide, played by none other than the caped do-gooder, Henry Cavill. Henry Cavill is most known for his portrayal of Superman. On that note, Cavill’s take on the man of steel is widely regarded as one of the most effective in history. With that in mind, does the actor have what it takes to nail an honest depiction of Geralt of Rivia? Or at least succeed in doing the character justice?

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In truth, filling the boots of Superman is a tough gig, and overall, Cavill’s casting of the Metropolis Marvel has been well-received. Therefore, it’s safe to assume that Henry Cavill is more than capable of faithfully reimaging the White Wolf, Geralt, at least in our eyes. But let’s delve into this subject a little deeper.

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Who is Geralt? What is Geralt? Why is Geralt?

Before we discuss the eligibility of Henry Cavill for the role, let’s remind ourselves of Geralt as a fictional character. Geralt is the lead protagonist based on the series of fantasy novels by Andrzej Sapkowski. Geralt is a monster hunter equipped with a set of supernatural skills, those of which include superior physical strength, advanced mental abilities, and a heightened sense of perception.


From a visual standpoint, Geralt shares a striking appearance with long white hair and demonic yellow eyes, which reflect his mutations and Witcher senses. Geralt is also a master swordsman and is often depicted, especially in the video games, as wearing chainmail armor, with medieval-looking chest plates and gauntlets. In the game, these accouterments are customizable.

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The First Witcher Was Not The Witcher

Perhaps surprisingly, the Netflix adaptation will be the second time that Geralt has appeared on TV. The first was, of course, The Hexer movie and series, back in 2001. Michał Żebrowski plays Geralt in The Hexer series and certainly has the pale complexion and low-lying locks of the monster slayer. However, his version appears more slender in build than his muscular video game counterpart.

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Perhaps then, this eludes to Geralt being more identifiable to the video game interpretation. Plus, Henry Cavill is a beast of a man. Literally, in every sense. Whether that’s true or not, we shall have to see. That said, having the original author, Sapkowski, on board to oversee the Netflix show as a creative consultant can only help the characters’ cause.

In contrast, although Henry Cavill’s muscular body is more befitting of the mold adopted in the video games, concern has been mounting about his clean-shaven exterior. In The Witcher 3: A Wild Hunt, the sword-swinging demon slayer has a beard with visual signs of facial wear and tear, including a deep scar that runs down his face.


However, from what we’ve seen so far of Cavill’s depiction, he looks more like a prince with immaculate skin. Thus, he shares more resemblance to Legolas from The Lord of The Rings rather than that of a hardened demon slayer with years of experience in the field. Of course, things change, and maybe the Netflix show will introduce this element later, showing the evolution of Geralt as time goes by.

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All in all, as a die-hard fan of the Witcher, both as a story and a concept, I look forward to the Netflix show. Hopefully, Henry Cavill can do the character justice. But of course, time will be the ultimate decider.


What do you think of Henry Cavill as Geralt? Can he deliver the goods? Or should he hold on to the red cape? As always, we welcome your views. So please get in touch below.