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What? Isn’t Mercury Poisonous?

If you’re looking to upgrade prosthetic tools for Sekiro, then you’ll need to know all you can about Fulminated Mercury.

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Fulminated Mercury is an upgrade item like the Lump of Grave Wax. If you want Fulminated Mercury in Sekiro, then you’re going to want to farm early. When you get them, you bring them to the sculptor, who can be found in the dilapidated temple, to upgrade the prosthetic tools that you need.

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Farming the Fulminated Mercury isn’t all that difficult, just it’s tedious because of how ridiculously low the drop rates are. You can hold up to 99 of them, but it’s rather pointless, considering how long it’ll take you to even gather a tenth of that!

You Don’t Say…

Consider facing off against Ministry Gunmen in the Ashina Outskirts, just before you get locked out of the area. after Ashina is set ablaze, your character will head for the stairs and encounter them heading for Ashina Castle. It’s suggested to use the Bell Demon Buff and Mibu Balloons.

Fulminated Mercury in Sekiro
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If you go behind the gun fort idol, you can do a couple of farming runs after the Guardian Ape is defeated. You would have to farm them off of the gunman there. However, you might just end up with stacks on stacks of yellow gunpowder, as fulminated mercury is also rare off of these mobs as well.

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Finally, you can find two fulminated mercuries in Hirata Estate before the second encounter with Juzou. After that, you can find one in Bodhisattva Valley, Ashina Outskirts, Ashina Castle, and Ashina Reservoir. Unfortunately, your best bet for obtaining fulminated mercury in Sekiro is farming them.

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Goodbye Free Time, Hello Fulminated Mercury!

For those of us who believe in accumulating these rare items, do be mentally prepared to spend some extra time. For some of us, it’s worth every effort spent when we finally see Sekiro in shiny, new, manly prosthetic parts!