There are so many different decorations and designs for a well-established game that has entertained millions for years! In fact, if it doesn’t have too many designs, it’s not one of the best battle royale games out there!

Today we shall be looking at a part of PUBG that, while not essential, is a very fun aspect of the game! I am talking about weapon skins and how unbelievably awesome they can be! Let’s look at three aspects of these skins: rarity, looks and costliness to determine Gamepleton’s Top 10 PUBG Weapon Skins!

pubg weapon skins

Let’s get started today with an exclusive from one of the worlds biggest PUBG streamers!

Ladies and Gents, Gamepleton’s Top 10 PUBG Weapon Skins!

10) Speed and Momentum

Available For: Kar98K, M416

This limited-edition weapon skin is based on popular PUBG Twitch streamer DrDisrespect. It was purchasable in 2018 from June 4th to July 5th for a cool price of $9.99 USD. Overall, this weapon skin looks amazing, and the color scheme is based on the Doc’s red military vest and long-sleeve black shirt that he wears during every single one of his streaming sessions. And of course, this weapon skin features his official logo, which is a little face that’s sporting Dr.D’s classic sunglasses and mustache.

Via: Dr Disrespect

9) Ghosted

Available For: AKM, Kar98K

Just like Dr. D’s unique weapon skin, Twitch streamer Shroud’s own exclusive weapon skin was purchasable two years ago from June 4th to July 5th. This weapon skin features mostly neutral colors, and the black/white layers mix well with the grey base color…but it’s really the subtle light blue detailing that brings this weapon skin alive.


8) Year One Anniversary

Available For: SCAR-L

This limited-edition weapon skin was released to celebrate PUBG’s one-year release anniversary. And if you were an active PUBG player when it was announced, all you had to do was log into PUBG before May 1st, 2018, to get it. Yellow and black elements to the design and a “#1” and “Winner Winner Chicken Dinner” are also engraved on it, so it deserves some extra style points for that as well.


7) Glory

Available For: AKM, UMP9

You can get the Glory weapon skin in a Triumph Crate. This PUBG weapon skin is for those that are looking to get many, many, winner, winner chicken dinners. It features a black background with a chicken engraved into it. Looks pretty awesome if I do say so myself!


6) Turquoise Delight

Available For: Kar98K, M16A4, P1911, and Tommy Gun

Players can find this weapon skin in Raider Crates. And is one of the easier PUBG weapon skins to find, no doubt! One of my favorite parts about it is the orange-white mixing of this skin near the barrel of your weapon.


5) BattleStat

Available For: AKM

With a blue and black color scheme, this is one of the slickest looks around. But, BattleStat is one of the rarest of all rare weapon skins. This is because it only has a 0.16% drop rate from paid weapon crates. Trying to obtain this one can be tough and cost you a lot of dough, but it’s worth it for the player that loves using the AKM and tracking kills on the side of your weapons.


4) The Olive Branch

Available For: Pan

This skin gets this spot for both hilarity and extreme rarity. If we were just making a list going by rarity, this would easily be #1. This enormously hard to find skin can be found in the Equinox Crate. Not only is it in a hard-to-find crate but, you only have a 0.001% chance of finding it! Additionally, if you’re not adverse to spending crazy amounts of money ($1000 USD+) on weapon skins, you can purchase it from the Steam Community Market. But enough about rarity and price, the weapon skin actually looks really nice and features PUBG’s vintage Spetsnaz helmet engraved on a gorgeous silvery pan.


3) Full Autumn

Available For: M416

Simply being a Canadian grants one the pleasure to enjoy this PUBG weapon skin a whole lot more. It looks very canadiana, however, it has nothing to do with Canada. This was a limited-edition weapon skin that was released to celebrate the 2018 Mid-Autumn Festival This skin is a tribute to China’s autumn celebratory festival, and I have to say, it’s an impressive skin!


2) Gold Plate

Available For: Saw-Off Shotgun, AKM, Groza, AWM, M416, S12K, S686, SKS, WIN94

You can find the Gold Plate weapon skin in Triumph Crates, which is unfortunate because it means you will have to purchase weapon crate keys to open them. In terms of rarity, it is a rare piece but not super difficult to find. As for the design of this skin, the Gold Plate, of course, is Gold and shiny which may be not the best if you are looking at being stealthier. However, it still looks absolutely gorgeous.


1) Shark Bite

Available For: M16A4, Kar98K

You can find this larger-than-life PUBG weapon skin in an Equinox Crate. Featuring a deadly and intimidating shark head paint job, you will strike fear into your enemies with this gorgeous piece of work! Technically it is a skin available for both the M16 and the Kar98k but it has two variations. The M16A4 is a dark grey/blue steel color, while the Kar98K skin is mainly platinum. These colors in combination with the red streaks make this the number one skin in Gamepleton’s books!


Are You Blown Away yet?

So, there you have it! With so many to choose from, we really had to sort out the list crazily! What are your favorite weapon skins in PUBG, and why? We’re expecting you to mention at least 100 of them, but let’s dial down the crazy and stick to your top 10, yeah?