If you’re looking for news regarding the release date of the Kingdom Hearts 3 soundtrack, then we’ve got to disappoint you…

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There is still no firm information regarding its release, but if you’re really looking to stay in the know, then you should keep an eye on Square Enix Music’s Twitter or Yoko Shimomura’s Twitter. Alternatively, you can stay updated with Takeharu Ishimoto’s Twitter or Tsuyoshi Sekito’s Twitter.

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However, if you really want to stay up to date on any possible release of the original Kingdom Hearts 3 soundtrack, then it’s best to just keep tabs on Yoko Shimomura who is the composer for the Kingdom Hearts series. Yoko Shimomura has been working on the Kingdom Hearts soundtrack since the original game. If you remember the likes of “Hikari” and “Simple and Clean,” then you can thank the likes of composer Yoko Shimomura.

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The composer has worked with Utada Hikaru since Kingdom Hearts was first released. In fact, Utada Hikaru came back to the Kingdom Hearts franchise for the third installment with Skrillex to work on “Face My Fears” which can be found on iTunes and elsewhere on the web.

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Skrillex, known to have broken into the industry with his dubstep, absolutely loved working on the song with Utada Hikaru. A lot of fans were skeptical about whether or not Skrillex and Utada Hikaru would mesh together once it was announced they would be working on the theme. Fortunately, they proved themselves with a great song for the Kingdom Hearts 3 soundtrack!

Enjoy a video of the song here:

While the release date for the Kingdom Hearts 3 soundtrack is still a mystery, there’s no doubt that it is going to be amazing! In the meantime, for those looking to enjoy a soundtrack that may or may not be complete, there are several playlists on YouTube put together by various fans.

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