In this article, we’ll take a look at each of the Classes presented to players and attempt to see which can be crowned the Kingdoms of Amalur Re-Reckoning Best Class.

Pures and Hybrids

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With 123 total talent/ability points, you can invest your character’s stats across the three distinct classes. You can definitely spend all your talent points in one class, and have fun and some success with that. You are your own man/woman, and you can customize your own play style to whatever fits your preferences.

This system is called “Destinies” and is a core part of what makes Kingdoms of Amalur Re-Reckoning so awesome! Moreover, because you can easily reset your ability points, the game definitely encourages players to test out every specialization they wish.

Let’s first take a look at the “pure” classes, and then match them against the “hybrid” versions.


Might: The Warrior

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Going full-in on Might ability points turns you into a very tough brute. Your armor is sky-high, your hits toss your enemies around like dolls and you are a nearly unstoppable juggernaut of awesomeness, requiring you to get up close in the face of your foes to bring the pain!

Your resilience allows you to shrug off most hits, and even when you are near death you can find your second wind and continue whacking mobs across the room.

You primarily use big weapons such as Greatswords, Longswords and a Hammer.

Sorcery: The Mage

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A Mage is the opposite of a Warrior. If you pursue the path of Sorcery, you are best to stay at a distance, because your armor is fragile and you can succumb to repeated hits rather easily, as opposed to a Warrior.

You focus on casting spells (Fire, Ice and Lightning) and other forms of magic, such as summoning a pet or healing yourself.

A Mage also wields weapons such as a Staff, Scepter and Chakrams, but the primary focus is definitely on casting magic.

Finesse: The Rogue

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Like to get up close to enemies but prefer not to serve as a punching bag so much? Then going the Finesse way and playing as a Rogue might be for you.

As opposed to a Warrior who just walks up to the nearest enemy and starts wailing away, a Rogue sneaks around, places traps, throws bombs, shoots from a distance and relies on cutting throats and dispatching an enemy before his comrades even know what has happened.

You employ poisons, coating your weapons with venom to deal additional damage to enemies. You primarily wield Daggers or Faeblades, or Longbows to snipe your targets at a distance.

Might/Sorcery: The Battlemage

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A Battlemage is a combination of a Warrior and a Mage, putting Ability points in both trees. A big advantage of this approach is giving players flexibility in their play style with just one specialization.

Battlemages are as adept at close combat as they are at casting spells from a distance. A Battlemage can generate mana upon being struck in combat, which in combination with the Warrior’s innate durability gives you great longevity. It’s pretty much a tank, like the Warrior.

A rather noticeable downside to this is the fact that they have fewer damage bonuses, making fights last longer if the main battle advantage relies on physical attacks.

Might/Finesse: The Blademaster

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A Blademaster focuses solely on physical combat, pairing the Warrior’s brute strength with the Rogue’s devilish speed and reflexes.

A pure melee class if there ever was one, the Blademaster can adapt to most situations and usually come out on top. The focus on melee damage to the detriment of magic does come with a noticeable downside: enemies with high armor can shrug off most attacks with ease, and a Blademaster will have to play at a very high level to beat some of the harder high armor mobs. Fortunately, you’ll know from this that any lightly-armored targets are sweet prey!

Finesse/Sorcery: The Spellcloak

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A Spellcloak is in many regards the opposite of both a Battlemage and a Blademaster.

Whereas a Battlemage can be seen as a tank with lower damage but high durability, a Spellcloak is a typical “glass cannon”: high damage coming from a variety of sources, capable of severely damaging every foe, but with the glaring downside of taking a lot of damage – due to the lack of any Might talents.

Spellcloaks also stand in opposition to Blademasters. Because the latter focuses on its melee side and exceling at it, a Spellcloak chooses to broaden its damage-potential at the expense of durability.

A Spellcloak is not a Class that a new player should attempt to play, because plenty of deaths would most likely follow, due to the high difficulty level. If an experienced player were handling one, however, a Spellcloak is one of the deadliest Classes possible!

Might/Finesse/Sorcery: The Universalist

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Yes, it is possible to create a character that focuses on every form of combat. The obvious benefit to such an approach is that you can handle every situation the game throws at you – to a certain degree. You can adapt and have something ready for everyone and everything, but you will never perform as well as a pure Class in a situation that is tailored to them.

You are the quintessential “jack of all trades, master of none!”

In addition, this does come with the obvious downside of not being able to master any of the play styles, nor having access to any of the higher tier talents. In our opinion, that means you miss out on a lot of fun.

The Best Class

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And now to the crux of the matter: which is the Kingdoms of Amalur Re-Reckoning best class?

Ultimately, the answer to this question comes with many caveats, and we first have to say that the best class is whichever you feel the most comfortable playing. Have fun and create your own play style, because that is one of Kingdoms of Amalur Re-Reckoning’s primary draws!

However, if we were to look at the specific potential Classes and match them against most foes in the game, we would have to say that the Battlemage is probably the best option, most certainly for new players.

You are durable, can attack with both magic and melee attacks, can heal yourself, and adapt to most situations. The only real downside is that you do not do as much damage as most of the other classes, but we feel the durability and versatility of a Battlemage gives it a rightful claim to be called the Kingdoms of Amalur Re-Reckoning best class!