A member of the core Mortal Kombat roster since the beginning, Johnny Cage is as iconic a character as it gets! His flamboyance and brash movie star behavior have led to some of the best quotes when interacting with other characters.

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Below, is a collection of Mortal Kombat 11 Johnny Cage quotes from his dialogues with the entire cast.

VS. Baraka

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Johnny Cage: Wait one sec, Nosferatu.

Baraka: For what, Earthrealmer?

Johnny Cage: And. Action!

Baraka must have been incredibly confused by Johnny’s likening him to vampires. Must be the teeth.

VS. Cassie Cage

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Johnny Cage: No one can be as strong or as fast as a Cage.

Cassie: You tryin’ to tell me I can dodge bullets?

Johnny Cage: When you’re ready, you won’t have to.

Johnny Cage has a lot of funny banter with his daughter. This one, though, speaks volumes of his overconfidence in his martial arts skills, including his mentorship with his daughter.

VS. Cetrion

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Johnny Cage: You thinking what I’m thinking?

Cetrion: That you are a vapid, arrogant child?

Johnny Cage: Don’t let that stop you!

Leave it to Johnny Cage to straight-up hit on an actual god. As can be expected, he’s not even phased by being called a petulant child.

VS. D’Vorah

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Johnny Cage: Old Man me says you tried to whack him.

D’Vorah: A failure This One corrects today.

Johnny Cage: Not a chance, Centi-puke.

This exchange between Johnny and the insect queen references a battle the future version of Johnny had with her. Naturally, the whacking did quite come to fruition.

VS. Erron Black

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Johnny Cage: Am I on the right soundstage?

Erron Black: Just get ready to draw.

Johnny Cage: Shouldn’t a tumbleweed roll through first?

Mortal Kombat is filled with film references. This exchange is no different as it refers to old Western movies that often showed tumbleweeds in the backdrop during gun duels.

VS. Frost

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Johnny Cage: Normally I don’t judge having work done.

Frost: Kronika perfected me, Cage.

Johnny Cage: Have you looked in the mirror lately?

This Mortal Kombat 11 Johnny Cage quote is pretty funny. The superstar fighter uses “getting work done” to mean Frost had plastic surgery that went wrong.

VS. Fujin

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Johnny Cage: Yeah, Fatal Infinity wasn’t my best work.

Fujin: Were you not focused, Johnny?

Johnny Cage: I was three sheets to the wind.

Johnny doesn’t regularly talk about less than stellar work. He’ll never shy away from a pun, though.

VS. Geras

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Johnny Cage: Earthrealm’s savior has arrived.

Geras: Savior? Where?

Johnny Cage: Bullshit you haven’t heard of me.

Most of Earthrealm’s warriors see the fight as a team effort. This quote, though, refers to the fact that for Johnny it’s always been a competition with himself as being the best in his eyes.

VS. Jacqui Briggs

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Johnny Cage: You and Cass’ll play soldiers turned private eyes.

Jacqui: Working for you, our mysterious boss?

Johnny Cage: Say hello to ‘Johnny’s Angels’.

Got to love this movie reference to Charlie’s Angels. Cassie and Jacqui fighting unworldly battles with Johnny as their mystery boss would actually make for a fun game!

VS. Jade

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Johnny Cage: My green magic, your green outfit.

Jade: By the gods, no.

Johnny Cage: Your loss, sweetheart.

Johnny Cage is a lot of things but a man of bad taste he’s not. Hitting on Jade is definitely to be expected!

VS. Jax Briggs

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Johnny Cage: Call me Captain Cage!

Jax: You just play one on TV.

Johnny Cage: Busted! I knew you were a fan.

Jax and Johnny have some hilarious banter, making it hard to pick out one specific quote. This one is by far the best, though, because it just shows how different the two unlikely comrades are.

VS. Johnny Cage

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Johnny Cage #1: Well look at the two of us.

Johnny Cage #2: Star power to spare, homie.

Johnny Cage #1: We’re gonna kill this summer’s box office.

When Johnny meets Johnny it’s impossible not to get a double dose of flamboyance!

VS. The Joker

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Johnny Cage: Is there a point to your evil?

Joker: No. Should there be?

Johnny Cage: I do not want to know your origin story.

The reference in this quote is pretty great. Joker’s origin story has always been a mystery and Johnny Cage is in agreement that it’s best left untold. Obvious he hasn’t watched the 2019 movie.

VS. Kabal

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Johnny Cage: What kinda name is “Kabal”?

Kabal: Got a better suggestion, Cage?

Johnny Cage: From now on, you’re Carlos.

All of Johnny and Kabal’s exchanges are pretty weird. They have no clear lore reference but they’re pretty funny.

VS. Kano

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Johnny Cage: Stop sniffing around Cassie and Sonya.

Kano: Can’t. I’m like a dog with a bone.

Johnny Cage: You’re gonna be a dog with a fist up its ass.

Kano and Sonya have a long-standing history with each other. Johnny wanting to protect Sonya and his daughter from the ruthless killer is natural.

VS. Kitana

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Johnny Cage: Looking forward to a kinder, gentler Outworld.

Kitana: Why? Because I’m a woman?

Johnny Cage: Well that and you’re banging Liu Kang.

Taking potshots at both Kitana and her beau at the same time? Who else but Johnny!

VS. Kollector

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Johnny Cage: You need a side hustle?

Kollector: Doing what, Earthrealmer?

Johnny Cage: Studios holding up my residuals.

Obviously, he’d be perfect for the job given his name. This quote is an obvious dig at Hollywood that tends to screw its talent whenever it can.

VS. Kotal Kahn

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Johnny Cage: You just need a cop, a sailor and a cowboy.

Kotal Kahn: For what, Johnny Cage?

Johnny Cage: Only the greatest disco reboot ever.

A bit of an edgy joke on Johnny’s part. He’s clearly referring to The Village People and Kotal Kahn kind of looks like the one with the Indian Chief hat.

VS. Kung Lao

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Johnny Cage: Oh look, the Shaolin spin doctor.

Kung Lao: Come to fight the Ugly American.

Johnny Cage: Ugly? Or Sexiest?

This Mortal Kombat 11 Johnny Cage quote is referring to the band Spin Doctors. As Kung Lao has a skill that makes his opponents spin, it’s pretty funny.

VS. Liu Kang

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Johnny Cage: Shadow kick beats flying kick.

Liu Kang: Bicycle kick beats shadow kick.

Johnny Cage: But a nut punch wins the day.

Liu Kang doesn’t often have funny exchanges but this is Johnny we’re talking about.

VS. Mileena

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Johnny Cage: Woo! Did Baraka and Kitana get busy?!

Mileena: Such a coupling is impossible, Earthrealmer.

Johnny Cage: Where there’s a will, there’s a way.

Mileena’s all good looks until she takes her mask off. Small wonder her razor-sharp teeth remind Johnny of Baraka.

VS. Nightwolf

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Johnny Cage: We have something in common?

Nightwolf: I too, was once young and foolish.

Johnny Cage: But I looked good doing it.

Not Johnny’s best quote but definitely one that shows just how arrogant he is, especially when it comes to his looks.

VS. Noob Saibot

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Johnny Cage: Hey there tall, dark, and gruesome.

Noob Saibot: An apt description.

Johnny Cage: Do you not get I’m mocking you?

Most would shy away from making fun of Noob Saibot. But not Johnny Cage who’s happy to anger his dangerous foe!

VS. Raiden

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Johnny Cage: Why wasn’t I your chosen one?

Raiden: Do you have all day, Johnny Cage?

Johnny Cage: Yeah. I do.

We mentioned earlier that Johnny always considers himself the hero. Even a person as arrogant as him might feel the sting of not being a god’s champion, though.

VS. Rain

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Johnny Cage: So you’re Edenian, like Jade?

Rain: Yes, Earthrealmer. Why?

Johnny Cage: You know if she’s got a sister?

Even when Jade’s not on screen Johnny is still shooting his shot and we can’t blame him!

VS. Rambo

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Johnny Cage: Y’know sharing your story might be therapeutic.

Rambo: And making it a movie would you serious cash.

Johnny Cage: Whoa, John! it’s a win-win!

We all know that if Rambo movies hadn’t been made yet, Johnny would be the first to jump on the chance to make them!

VS. RoboCop

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Johnny Cage: Part man. Part machine. All cop.

RoboCop: That is correct.

Johnny Cage: Please tell me no one’s signed you.

Similar to Rambo, this Mortal Kombat 11 Johnny Cage quote makes a straight reference to the Robocop film franchise.

VS. Scorpion

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Johnny Cage: Since when are you and Sub-Zero besties?

Scorpion: We joined forces to battle Quan Chi.

Johnny Cage: Gotta stop missing story meetings.

Sometimes Johnny is just the perfect vessel for players to follow the story. This reference clearly speaks to how hard the MK storyline is to follow at times.

VS. Shang Tsung

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Johnny Cage: Once upon a time I beat Shinnok.

Shang Tsung: My, you have a colorful imagination.

Johnny Cage: Look it up, I laid him out!

This exchange refers to a future time when Johnny was instrumental in the defeat of Shinnok. Of course, he’ll do his best to advertise it every chance he gets.

VS. Shao Kahn

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Johnny Cage: Y’know the evil overlord bit’s played out.

Shao Kahn: What would you suggest?

Johnny Cage: Right now it’s all anti-heroes.

You got to love how Johnny wants to give Shao Kahn career advice!

VS. Sheeva

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Johnny Cage: What’s it take for a guy to bag a Shokan?

Sheeva: Try being respectful and submissive.

Johnny Cage: Respectful, fine. Submissive? Ha ha. No way.

Nobody should imagine rolling among the sheets with a Shokan but Johnny – only Johnny – feels otherwise!

VS. Sindel

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Johnny Cage: You look like a Tawny — no, Kimberly!?

Sindel: Empress Sindel, you simpering slob.

Johnny Cage: I’ve got it: I’ll call you Lizzy.

In this quote, Johnny is exaggerating an old trope of movie stars who are so arrogant they name other people as they see fit.

VS. Skarlet

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Johnny Cage: So I’m guessing you wanna chew me up.

Skarlet: And spit out your bones, Cage.

Johnny Cage: Watch out, she’s a maneater.

This quote is a reference to the lyrics of the song Maneater by Daryl Hall and John Oates.

VS. Sonya

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Johnny Cage: At some point, you and I get busy.

Sonya: Urgh, I don’t even want to think about it.

Johnny Cage: It’s all you ever think about.

Getting with Sonya was one of Cage’s dream and apparently that comes true sometime in the future. Poor Sonya.

VS. Spawn

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Johnny Cage: And the award for Best Costume goes to–

Spawn: It’s more than a costume, Cage.

Johnny Cage: Hello! That’s why it’s a winner!

Spawn’s cloak and attire are part of his Hellish powers, which is what this Johnny Cage quote is referring to.

VS. Sub-Zero

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Johnny Cage: You know what your problem with me is?

Sub-Zero: You take nothing seriously?

Johnny Cage: I’m cooler than you.

One of Johnny Cage’s best puns. Nothing else to say here.

VS. The Terminator (T-800)

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Johnny Cage: Dude, you have ‘blockbuster’ written all over you.

Terminator: Where?

Johnny Cage: Ha! And he’s a comedian!

This exchange is just pure gold. Johnny makes a direct reference to the Terminator movies and the T-800 is completely literal about the expression he uses.