Everyone was excited when Mario Kart Tour was announced as a mobile game for the ever-popular Mario Kart series. How about you? We know we were!

Mario Kart Tour
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The mobile game was announced in 2018 to be the ninth installment in this racing series. Of course, with Mario Kart planned to be free to download on app stores, there was never any doubt that there were going to be free-to-play microtransactions involved, such as being time-locked or additional items provided you with advantages.

Mario Kart Tour
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Fortunately, Mario Kart came with some features that were new to the franchise. Those who are new to the it will experience, for the first time, the game’s system of points. Let’s go over this system plus discuss how to get boosts from it.

Points System Explained!

Mario Kart Tour points
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Mario Kart Tour Points — these are basically points you can earn from the driver that you’re using, the kart that you’re using, or any bonus points that you earn while racing. The base points, including the driver and kart points, are calculated before the race even begins at 0 before the level. As you’re racing, your base points can increase with assistance from the items that you’re using.

It’s Easier Than Earning Mileage!

Bonus points are calculated based on your performance and actions during a race. There is no shortage of actions that give bonus points during a race! You can get them by using items on other players or even hitting certain items as you’re racing. You can also get what is called “positional points” that are based on where you place in the race. Getting first place gives you the highest modifier of x1.0, while the eighth place gives a smaller x0.2.

mario tour cart drifts
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How to Get-A More!

One other thing you could try for bonus points is by performing a combo. When you do an action in Mario Kart Tour that counts as a bonus action on top of doing another bonus action, you get a combo. This is a great way to rack up those bonus points!

mario tour cart bonus
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Drive safely now, and let’s-a go!