Scattered throughout the game are floppy disks that give different ‘cheats’. Add them up together and you would practically be in God mode, no?

Well… no…

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At Least We Can Still Cheat, Right?

There are quite a few cheat codes you can find and activate but there is no God mode (there, there, don’t be sad). Thankfully, using them doesn’t block you from getting trophies, you can still get collectibles and can still do Secret Encounters. The only thing it does block is access to Slayer Gates.

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Oh, and you do have to collect them first.

While the game has pre-made cheats you can use, there is also the command console too. These aren’t the ‘official’ cheats but there are quite a few that you can use to either make yourself overpowered, access “noclip mode” and even give yourself back the beloved pistol from Doom 2016.
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Wait a minute — this also means Doom Eternal God Mode is technically possible!

Making Yourself a Doom God

To bring up the command console just press the tilde key which is the “ ~ “ or the “ ` “ key depending on your keyboard. Test both to be sure! After the command console appears, you can type in “listCmds” to get a full list of commands of everything it offers.

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If you’re only looking for the Doom Eternal God Mode, just type in “god” to activate it!

However, you might need to activate the commands first since they aren’t on by default. This means you need both the Cheat Engine program and CT scripts to make it work, otherwise the commands don’t do anything. Keep in mind that this can make the game unstable, add glitches, increase crashes, and might get in the way of your game progress.

Just a Few More Steps to Become Doom God

You’ll need to download the most recent version of Cheat Engine and Sunbeam’s CT. Once you have these installed, you will be able to use the command console for Doom Eternal cheats and modifiers, particularly including the Doom Eternal God Mode!

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Happy ruling the mortal-demon realm!