While Princess Zelda and Link have been the main Legend of Zelda characters, not enough love has been shown to recurring supporting characters in the series. Since the series’ inception in 1986, the Legend of Zelda has filled its world and story with different characters through different adaptions from video games to its own TV series. It’s no secret that Link and Zelda are everyone’s default favorite characters from the series, but who are our favorite recurring Legend of Zelda characters?

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Biggoron graced our screens as a giant Goron in the Ocarina of Time. His sword, Biggoron’s Sword, in the game couldn’t break and it did a lot more damage than the Master Sword. Biggoron returned in Majora’s Mask, but unfortunately, a curse left him invisible and blocking the path to Snowhead Temple. Link must learn the Goron Lullaby in order to pass. In Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons, Biggoron is back at the peak of Goron Mountain, and the player must use Link to help him overcome an illness. In The Minish Cap, Biggoron gives Link the Mirror Shield after he helps him eat. Finally, in the Phantom Hourglass, Biggoron is not as big as he normally is, but now he has a son named Gongoron. Needless to say, Biggoron is our favorite Goron.

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Guru Guru

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Guru Guru is one of the more obscure recurring Legend of Zelda characters. In the Ocarina of Time, he’s responsible for teaching Link the “Song of Storms.” In Majora’s Mask, Guru Guru is a musician who is removed for playing too loud and was jealous of an animal troupe whose leader is a dog (obscure, right?) Link ended up with the dog’s mask, which Guru Guru stole, in an attempt to shed the guilt of stealing it. Guru Guru also makes an appearance in Oracle of Seasons where he gives Link his phonograph in exchange for engine grease to make his windmill speed up.


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No list of favorite recurring Legend of Zelda characters is complete without Anju. She appears in the Ocarina of Time but has not been named yet other than being referenced to her allergy to the Cuccos. She comes back in Majora’s Mask with a name, but with a lost fiance. Helping her reunite them gave Link access to several masks including the Kafei Mask and Keaton Mask. However, her role in The Minish Cap is once again tied to Cuccos, that Link must round up as he did in Ocarina of Time.

There are plenty of characters that could have made this list of recurring Legend of Zelda characters, but unfortunately, they didn’t appear across multiple games. We wish we could have included Navi, everyone’s favorite character, clearly.

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