Lena Oxton, aka Tracer, is one of Overwatch’s most iconic characters. Known for her spunky demeanor, this UK-based Hero has a deep connection to the game’s world and story. In this post, we’ve collected all of Lena Oxton’s most iconic quotes from across the spectrum of Overwatch’s story content.

From Lena Oxton’s Early Life

When I was younger, I was two minutes late to everything. (Possibly because I was out all night.)

Overwatch Recruitment and the Slipstream

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So, you want to hear my story. It all started a few years ago. Overwatch was looking for a hotshot pilot to test their next-generation teleporting fighter: The Slipstream. Enter: Lena Oxton (call sign “Tracer”). [giggles] That’s me! It was the opportunity I had trained for my whole life. But on my first flight, the teleportation matrix malcunfctioned, and I disappeared.

During the Uprising While Speaking to Jack Morrison

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Sir, do you want to know why I stuck with this? Why I decided to leave the flight test program and begin training as an Overwatch agent? It’s because I believed that if I could figure this out, I could be an asset. I could make this world a better place. I fought to survive, and I’m willing to fight for the world, too.

Exchange with Sojourn during Storm Rising

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Tracer. Status report.

Target in sight, captain.

We’ve waited a long time for Maximilien to show his face. It’s now or never.

No pressure then.

Post-Overwatch Disbandment

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My name is Lena Oxton—a.k.a. Tracer. If you asked me about me, I’d say I’ve been a hero. Top job if you can get it. After the Petras Act passed, and Overwatch ended…for a while, I wasn’t sure what I was. Tried to stick it out with the RAF. But that was a bust. They wanted me to retire. Sit a desk. So I left. I needed to do something, anything, I needed to…move. So yeah, I keep myself busy. Helping out where I can. Just little things. Emily calls them compensatory heroics.

During the Alive Short

Trying to crash another party, love?

From the Overwatch Comic

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My dad used to tell me that a soldier must know her enemy. After fighting with Overwatch, I understand justice, duty, honor. But I don’t and will probably never understand why people like Widowmaker create chaos instead of fighting it. It’s the part of war that will never make sense to me. But maybe it’s at the center of the thing. Maybe I should understand it.

During the Recall Short

Winston? Is that you, love? It’s been too long.

During the Underworld Event

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There are all kinds of leaders in this world. Each has a line they’re willing to cross, a level of destruction they’re willing to inflict to see their version of justice come to light. It’s possible that Kace’s followers once believed that the line he was willing to cross stopped at the lives of omnics. It doesn’t.

Return of Overwatch and Day at the Museum

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I’ve never called myself anything other than a soldier. My mission was always to protect the ideas, the people, the omnics, the movements that make the world better. That’s me, that’s what I do. At any cost.

You know, the world could always use more heroes.