When 2K Games released a brand new golf game after a long drought of PGA games, there was a lot of talk about it. However, it wasn’t just about how the gameplay will be, and what it’ll look like. It also involved a most annoying backswing glitch that most players encountered and got frustrated with.

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The Backswing Glitch

If you have not heard of this backswing glitch then consider yourself lucky! It was extremely frustrating for most players since it was out of their control and made the game nearly impossible to play. This glitch includes a quarter backswing whenever you are actually trying to make a full swing. It happens more whenever you take the backswing slowly, but it could happen nearly four times in a row before you actually get to swing.

Backswing glitch on the series x from r/pga2k21

Swing timing and swing speed were very big factors in golf, and were thus the main focus of this game. With different penalties such as a huge slice with bad timing, players were very much concerned and annoyed with this glitch. Not only was it on normal full swings, it also occurred when putting as well. Especially since golf is a game of inches and a majority of the game comes down to putting, that also added to the frustration of the players.

Patching the Glitch


This glitch was most prevalent at the beginning of the year when the game first came out in August. Of course the 2K developers were quickly notified of this problem and did their best to fix it, but it can still happen today. Even though it has been fixed for most players, we still want to discuss what to do if this happens to you. This way you know how to fix it as fast as you can before you become too frustrated or you just stop playing at all.

Changing Controllers

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The first fix you could try is changing controllers. A lot of players have experienced issues where certain controllers, typically fancier versions, would cause this glitch to occur. So try to switch what controller you use! Now if you are playing on PC, then you could try to switch between an Xbox or Playstation controller if those options are available to you. PC gamers have reported that switching from a Playstation 4 controller to an Xbox One controller did the trick for them.

Wire-in Your Controller

If you do not want to switch controllers (and we might not recommend buying a new one just to fix this glitch), there are still other options. Most controllers are wireless or connected via Bluetooth, but if you remember from older consoles you would plug the control in directly to your system. This is still an option using the charging cord that comes with either console and even on PC as well. Try to play the game with the controller plugged in like the Playstation 2 days and this could also help get rid of the glitch.

Switch Sides

Another option is switching the settings of your controller in the game. The first setting we would try is switching what control you swing with. This does require you to switch from the standard default settings and get used to swinging from the left, but at least you are swinging. It may be a little annoying at first to learn a new way to swing, but it will be much less annoying than not being able to swing at all. Or having to guess which swing is going to work and count which would result in a bunch of variable swings.

Change Sensitivity

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Besides changing which stick you swing with, you could also change the sensitivity settings for your stick. You will want to increase the sensitivity which makes the computer think you are putting more force into your swing than you actually are. This should help the game recognize that you are really trying to swing and bringing the controller back the full way instead of just a quarter or not at all.

Swing Timer

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This game also has a swing timer feature which is meant to customize each swing based on timing. However, in this case since you are forced into an extra quarter swing, you can again try to trick the computer into thinking that that is your full swing. Again this option is not very likely to work or be very effective but you can still try it nonetheless.

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Last Resort!

If you do not want to switch your settings up at all, we still have another solution that you can try! Now this setting is more of a last resort because it can still be very variable and will not result in the best swings or scores possible. This option is literally just brute force by pulling back on the back stick harder than usual. Or you could pull back on the stick quicker instead. Either way you need to be careful because this will also increase the stress and strain that you put on the controller. Pray that you don’t break your controllers just to try and beat this glitch!

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Good Luck!

As we mentioned earlier, this glitch should be gone at this point since 2K has come out with a patch to combat this issue. It was super frustrating at the beginning of the year, but if you still encounter this problem, you should know what to do now! You can try to switch controllers, hardwire your controller into the console or you can simply swing harder. There are a few pros and cons for each option so consider them whenever giving them a try.

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Hopefully this article was helpful and go enjoy yourself a glitch-free game on PGA Tour 2K21!