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Momodora II (2011) is an adorable, side-scrolling adventure indie game that builds on the original, keeping the flair that made Momodora (2010) a delight, while introducing new elements to keep the series fresh. From updated mechanics, to hidden secrets and stunning artwork, Momodora II is a must-play for any indie gamer!

With a limited weapons selection and quick and aggressive enemies, Momodora II has the player relying on fast, well-timed keystrokes as the only way to make it through to the final bout with the Underworld Queen. That’s not to say there isn’t help for the player along the way.

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The game provides main screen save slots for the player to continue their story or start and stop more than one game, and plenty of save spots throughout the map to replenish health. Those save spots become indispensable as the enemies become more numerous and more challenging to defeat as you progress through the map. If you do happen to perish, you are instantly resurrected at your last save point.

The enemies that litter each stage drop items in the form of health hearts and throwable KoHo Charm Seals. The Seals particularly come in handy as they can be thrown through walls to hit pesky opponents who are hiding, or opponents who are shooting at you from the other end of the screen.

While you are fighting your way through the ever more challenging levels, don’t forget to look for secret locations. Throughout the map, there are secret locations that hold items that will help you along your journey. The most helpful being Love Letters. Personifying the metaphor of “love conquers all” the player receives an extra health bonus for every Love Letter they locate around the map. These become invaluable as you enter the final stage of the game, when the enemies and traps are everywhere and the save points are few and far between.

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The player will also need to locate a dash ability and a double jump ability to be able to progress through the map, so exploration is key. But you won’t mind taking your time to explore, due to the beautifully rendering 2D environment.

The creators, rdein, bring all the aforementioned elements to life with their story-building narrative and beautifully rendered pixel art!

Throughout the game, there are a collection of characters you interact with, from other explorers you meet in the castle, to a mini-boss-turned-friend, and the main boss, the Underworld Queen. Each character provides a world-building narrative, adding more mystique to the world of Momodora, which the artist visually brings to life.

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Momodora II is engrossed with fine detail. From enemies’ attacks, to fallen hero and god statues, and even the final boss battle, the artist takes pixel art to another level. The fine detail of every level, section, character and enemies makes for a beautiful, magical, mystical world.

A player can get so lost by the inspired detail of the characters that they may forget to jump out of the way of oncoming attacks, which we may or may not have done one or twenty times. Ahaha…

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