The red costume or the blue costume? Cant decide? Well, in Pokemon Masters, it will be easier than deciding if the dress is white or blue!

Pokemon Masters has been around since 2019 and costumes have been in the game almost the entire time as well. There’s a lot of different ones to collect from the Pokemon island of Pasio and it’s easy to mix them up if you can’t visually see them. There’s also the sync partner tier list to consider when looking to get one of the Sygna Suits.

Our list will help to clear things up so you can pick the best Pokemon Masters Costumes to collect within the game and if all EX outfits are actually worth getting!

Sygna Suits

Pokemon Masters costumes come in different shapes and the Sygna Suits are designed to match the appearance of your partner Pokemon! It’s a special form of Sync Pairs which you can earn while playing the game. Beating “Interlude 1” will unlock the Sygna Suit Brock to get you started.

Pokemon Masters

Sygna Suit and EX Sygna Suit Red

Red actually has two different Sygna Suit Outfits to collect — his normal red one, and a special blue variant that is synced to Mega Charizard X.

The blue Sygna Suit he has is the EX Sygna Suit which is exclusively used with Mega Charizard X. This combination is also considered to be an S-tier duo in Pokemon Masters. The all-round stats for the combination are great and having this duo in your squad should be your goal. Out of all EX outfits in the game, this is the highest rated Ex Sygna Outfit!

Sygna Suit Elesa

Elesa has a single Sygna Suit available which is used to form a sync pair with Rotom.

This is not for her initial sync pair with Zebstrika. Her new sync partnership is considered to be much better and Sygna Suit Elesa and Rotom are considered to be an S-tier duo who are perfect for supporting special attackers!

Sygna Suit Grimsley | EX Sygna Suit Grimsley

While Grimsley first pairs with Liepard, his Sygna Suit is for Sharpedo. It has blue features to focus on the water attacks his Pokemon uses.

Grimsley also has the EX Sygna Suit for when Sharpedo becomes Mega Sharpedo. This might not be the best sync pair in the game considering they’re only B-tier, but if you want a fast attacker, then, this duo is ideal!

The Sygna Suit Grimsley and Sharpedo duo can also deal some heavy hits but you do need to heal Sharpedo constantly.

Sygna Suit Cynthia

Cynthia and Kommo-o are a great duo with a strong fighting spirit!

The Sygna Suit for Cynthia is an elegant grey costume to match her sync pair Pokemone partner Kommo-o. It includes scale-like decorations identical to the scales on her partner.

Unlike most of the other Synga Suit Pokemon partners, they’re made for the late game.

Sygna Suit Blue | EX Sygna Suit Blue

Living up to his name, Blue has a stylish… blue… Sygna Suit to match with his classic Pokemon partner, Blastoise.

He also has a second Pokemon Master costume in the form of the EX Sygna Suit for when his Pokemon sync partner turns into Mega Blastoise.

They might only be a B-tier pairing but they’re the best tanks available even if they lack offensive skills.

Sygna Suit Leaf

Leaf and Venasaur are a classic duo, recognized by fans of the handheld Pokemon video games, so it’s no surprise she’s one of the characters with a Sygna Suit costume!

Like with some of the others on this Sygna Suit costume and tier list, Leaf has an EX Sygna Suit costume to match.

Via: Youtube/Spatial Gum

Her sync partner Venasaur is able to turn into Mega Venasuar, however, she currently don’t have an EX Sygna Suit to match. This duo is still classed in the S tier for the game due to their amazing support potential with massive healing capabilities for tanky Pokemon combined with great utility skills.

Not all of the characters in the game have a Sygna Suit and more Pokemon Masters costumes will be releasing later this year. All EX outfits listed above are currently in the game and include their tier list rating at time of writing however, future updates could change this.