With a diverse cast of characters to choose from, you may find yourself wondering what characters to focus on in Genshin Impact. Well, we’re here to give you our official rundown of our favorite Genshin Impact characters based on their looks, personality, and general flair! Look through the list to find all your favorites – Jean, Lisa, Ningguang, and the rest – and see where they rank in our impactful hearts!

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Venti is a bard, and he falls into a lot of bard-like stereotypes. He uses Anemo – wind magic – and is a bit too particular – allergic to cats and not fond of cheese or anything sticky. His weird attitude and general unlikability place him dead last in our list!



Klee has cutely-drawn character art, but we find her voice to be a bit off-putting and the character a bit of a trope, making her one of our least favorites. Still, if you like things exploding you might want Klee in your party!



Diona is strangely young looking for being possibly the best bartender in the world; still, though, she manages to excel making strange but apparently delicious alcoholic beverages despite her distaste for them. We’re not sure the cat theme fits all too well with this character, whose design feels a bit all over the place.



Chongyun, born in a family of exorcists, carries on the familial trade by wandering the lands attempting to free them of evil spirits. Though we like his mission, he just seems to lack a bit in the personality department – he feels a little too one-dimensional, ranking him quite low on our list.



Xingqiu is voiced by the same actress as Bennett, though we feel this to be the lesser of the two performances. While studious and polite, he has a more daring and adventurous side but… he still doesn’t seem to be that engaging of a character to us.



Barbara is the soft-spoken Deaconess of the Favonius Church, and her everyone-else-first attitude makes her very popular in the game, though we feel as a character she’s a bit uninspired.



Though handsome, Albedo’s focus remains purely on research and scientific study, and he couldn’t be more different from his young underling, Sucrose. As with Sucrose, though, we feel his costume isn’t quite as befitting of his job as some of the others.



Sucrose is a bio-alchemist with a penchant for flowers and sweetness – as her name might imply. We feel her costume could have been a bit more representative of her job, which does take her down a few notches.



Qiqi has got to be commended as one of the most unique characters we’ve seen. A zombie, her memory doesn’t work and so she writes down her thoughts in a notebook. Her design is based on the Asian version of the undead, which usually doesn’t include as much gore as the Western version. Her body is magically undying, but the cost of which are her strange quirks with her memory and inability to do things without telling herself to do so. We like the concept, though the end result is maybe more “creepy” than “favorite character.”



Kaeya has a certain charm about him we just can’t deny. We’re sure he’s full of secrets, but his endless charisma and great attitude make him hard not to like. Plus, the way he looks at you with that one eye already melts us to the core. Imagine when he had both eyes!



Another mysterious type, Zhongli is obsessed with courtesy and ritual. While his stern manner might shy you away at first, stick around – we have a feeling Zhongli has a lot of interesting tales to tell.



Mona faces a constant struggle for money, because of her resolve not to use her powers of astronomy for profit. We appreciate the noble effort, but think she might be happier if she just caved!



Fischl is an enigmatic character to be sure; a mysterious traveler from an unknown world, she poses more questions than gives answers. She also has the unique feature of coming with two voices, which we love, and her seemingly dark exterior often crumbles to show a more likable and girly side.



Bennett is the leader of “Benny’s Adventure Team” and we love his spirit. The character design is a bit lackluster, which lands him lower in the list, but we love the all-star voice actress that does his voice!



Amber, Outrider of the Knights of Favonius. She’s quirky and perky, not to mention the outright master of the glider. Her upbeat voice makes her a fan favorite. She’s a rising star in the Knights and we think she’s going to go far.



Watch out for this zealous chap – Diluc has a heart of fire! Between being the richest man in town and having a blazing passion for protecting his city, Diluc is like Genshin Impact’s answer to Batman.



We like the trickster type and Tartaglia is certainly that. His wit and lightheartedness may put you at ease, but don’t be fooled – they bely true talent and strength underneath. This tricky chap also wins points for his great voice acting and truly superb character design.



Xinyan brings rock and roll to the world of Genshin Impact, and we love that! Her cavalier attitude and penchant for rock makes her both unique and fun to be around, and her excitement to travel fits in perfectly with her story. Oh, and lest we forget, her character design is the definition of cool.



Outspoken and brave, Keqing stands to fight on behalf of humanity, which she believes in wholeheartedly. Her character design is quite cute and we find her passion to be endearing as well, earning her a high spot on the list.



Ningguang is shrewd, clever, and witty. There are many stories about the owner of the Jade Chamber above Liyue, and with her air of mystery and cute, sly smile, Ningguang ranks high in our list of favorites easily.



Xiangling is both a waitress and a cook, and her spicy, fiery appetites are matched by her excellent character design. Nothing makes a good waifu better than being a great cook, and Xiangling claims she can make anything.



Jean – Steadfast, loyal, and more than a little cute, too. What’s not to love? She’s the careful Grand Master of the Knights, and we can see why. The Dandelion knight gives you her loyalty, and we’re thankful for her protection as she’s certainly a force to be reckoned with! Who better than fan favorite Jean to start off our top 5! 



Noelle may be a lowly maid, but to her it is a noble occupation – and we think she does it quite well. This quirky young maid is on a path to knighthood, and we truly hope she makes it! One of the cutest in the cast for sure, which is why places easily as number four!



While Lisa may be a bit heavy on the naps, her sultry voice and beauty make her one of our favorite Librarians around. She’s got it all – intellect, confidence, and a knack for flirting to boot. Her flirtatious attitude, in fact, is what lands her at the coveted number three spot in this list! If she goes “Du-ddu-ddu” as well, we might very well give her a bump in the ranks!



Razor, the wolf boy. Between the absolutely fantastic, top notch character art and being voiced by the same voice actor as Natsu from the wildly popular Fairy Tail anime, Razor manages to be our favorite male character on this list coming in way higher than expected at number two!



Confidence is sexy and Beidou has it in spades! This pirate-like fleet captain has great voice lines, a fearsome attitude, and is hot to boot. Her character design is on point, absolutely living up to the pirate queen fantasy. Uncrowned Lord of the Ocean, Queen of the Crux Fleet, and without a doubt our top pick and number one Genshin Impact Waifu!

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