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PUBG is filled with controversy. Many people questioned the developer’s choices, yet, most players are really excited about Bluehole’s new game mode – War Mode.

If you have ever played a battle royale game, PUBG in particular, you likely know the boredom of the mid-game zone running. Spending upwards of ten minutes struggling to get through the terrain and into the safe zone becomes tedious very quickly. You’ve also probably thought, “They should really have a Team Deathmatch mode”.

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Fear no longer! War Mode is here!

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Opponents are loaded into the plane, and a small zone is created in one area of the map. Contestants are dropped in with a random loadout and engage in hectic, close range fights. Unlike the regular game modes, in War Mode, you respawn seconds after and are dropped in again. You have the chance of dropping huge amounts of kills or getting relentlessly sprayed-down repeatedly.

The theory of this game mode is to reduce RNG (randomness) and increase engagements. Most battle royale games are heavily dependent on luck. You can drop in and get a great loadout and win, or get a really unlucky drop and die of spawn. It’s not really fair. Coming preloaded with a gun reduces the chances of having these annoying strokes of luck (or lack thereof). I think this is where Bluehole is missing the mark. They don’t understand that people like consistency, and not depending on getting a good gun. War Mode is still very RNG-based.


My idea would be to have a set of classes – snipers, pushers, riflers, etc. A variety of playstyles is important in game design, and I think this could increase fairness and team coordination.

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Zone placement is also a big issue. In a map with so much open space, such as Miramar, it’s almost impossible to find cover while getting shot from multiple angles. Some players argue that the zone should be constricted to certain areas of the map with cover. This would make the game better-paced, and also lead to more strategic gameplay.

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The fast-paced combat in this mode is super fun and never feels boring. Of course, it wouldn’t be a Bluehole update without its fair share of adversity. Many players think the mode should have less random loot and less random zones. One player can spawn with a Vector and level one armor, while another can spawn with an AWM and level three armor.

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Overall, the update is a step in the right direction. We’ve seen a lot of negativity towards the developers for their lack of updates, so it’s good to see that they’re trying to pick up the pace. Getting new modes is never a bad thing, and War Mode has a lot of potential. It just needs a little tweaking before becoming perfect.