Plus: How to Unlock the Ruin Skin and More on the 8.50 Update


If you’ve been on the fence about whether or not Fortnite skins are for you, the latest update from Epic Games might give the optional feature another look.

Especially if you are a Marvel fan.

The latest update for the world’s most popular battle royale game will include skins from The Avengers, among other Marvel properties.

Specifically, the Black Widow, Scarlett Johansson’s femme fatale assassin and essential squad member of the Avengers.

This skin comes to the game as part of Fortnite’s tie-in with The Avengers: Endgame, a film now showing in theaters around the world.

The Black Widow costume will cost 1,500 V-Bucks and will have a red hair or a blonde hair option.

You can complete the look with the purchase of an optional shock baton, the Widow’s Bite, for 800 V-Bucks and an emote, the Widow’s pirouette.

Although it isn’t a skin, the Quinjet glider is also for sale as part of the game’s marketing march with the latest Avengers film. Players can unlock this by completing end-game challenges.

Star-Lord Coming Next Week?

Epic Games is being shy about who else is going to be on offer as a Fortnite skin set but the company has promised that more is definitely on the way.

Fortnite Insider is reporting, however, that we could be seeing a Star-Lord skin as early as next week.

According to a recent report on the website, data miners that have looked into Fortnite have found code indicating that a Star-Lord skin is imminent.

We can’t say that this is a certainty because, after all, it is just a rumor as of press but it makes sense.

Like the Black Widow skin, the Star-Lord skin is expected to come with a pickaxe and an emote.

The Awesomely Wicked Ruin Skin


If the Avengers isn’t your thing, the Ruin skin is sure to fill the game with drop-dead wicked looks! And you can get it completely for free!


Here’s how you get one of Fortnite’s coolest, somewhat free skins currently available:

This is the skin a lot of the fanbase has talked about for a while now.

Thankfully, you don’t have to pay money to get it, but you do have to do some grinding.

Apparently this skin will figure into the future of Fortnite’s lore in a big way, though it isn’t really clear how quite yet.

The Ruin skin requires 8 weeks’ worth of quests to complete, or 55 weekly challenges. Luckily for you, Epic keeps track of all of this in a weekly challenges progress tab.

Each and every week, Fortnite will release 4 weekly challenges open to all players and 3 that are exclusive only to battle pass holders.

Some of the tasks are mundane while others require a bit more skill to complete but, overall, the main thing about Fortnite’s Ruin skin is that it takes time – a lot of it, to be exact.

The 8.50 Update

As with every Fortnite update, the devs have thrown in a bunch of new stuff and made some slight tweaks here and there.

So, if a Black Widow or maybe even a Star-Lord skin isn’t your thing, you’ve got other options.

One of the new pickaxes coming with the 8.50 update is the plasma carrot – an orange or blue carrot made of ultra-hot plasma and a stylish replacement for a boring, standard pickaxe.

There is also the Longhorn staff which is literally a cow skull on the end of a pike with a horseshoe on the opposite end.

In addition to the glider from the Avengers, players will also get access to a new Helium glider which looks like a cross between a drone and a traditional glider. The Rush glider is a variant of the Helium and has gold accents and a bolder appearance in general. If you want a more subdued, Call of Duty-esque camouflaged version of the Helium, the Steadfast is the perfect choice.

Additionally, Epic Games has added a pallet of new skins for players to choose from, including Burnmark, Jackal, Jaguar, Lion, and Rhino.

Burnmark is an orange field with red pentagons underlined by a blue bottom.

Jackal is a wild bright yellow, burnt orange combination with sharp geometric patterns on it lined in two shades of gray.

Jaguar is a more toned down version of the Jackal and has a gray background with gold tones and purple highlights.

Lion is a burnt orange field with a gold bottom and yellow and black-brown circle patterns.

Rhino, meanwhile, stands out from the pack with its sky blue field and blood red bottom border with big, bold blobs of color in brown and red.

And that’s it for the 8.50 update as far as we know. There will probably be some new things coming out over the coming weeks but, so far, Epic has given us a pretty good road map as to what’s coming.

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