Welcome to part 2 of our Skyrim Best Armor Sets review! As promised in our previous article, we continue with more of the best armors the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim can offer!

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Let’s proceed with the goodness of protective armor that let us plow through enemy hordes recklessly (maybe)!

Thieves Guild Armor

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If you’re like 90% of the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim player base, then you’re a sneaky archer. The type of player you are is the one who is crouched down even when you’re just casually walking through town. With most of the games on the market being fast-paced shooters, there’s not a lot of chances to have games where you can just sneak up behind someone and take a knife to their throat or fling an arrow through their throat. But what if you’re not a cold-blooded assassin? What if your goal is to sneak around and reach into lizard or cat people’s pants to take their hard-earned gold?

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If that’s your goal, then the Thieves’ Guild Armor is the armor for you. The Thieves’ Guild Armor is a light armor made for, well, thieving. You can enchant this armor with carrying capacity, lockpicking, pickpocketing, and having better prices for the stuff you steal from someone. If you really want to troll an NPC, try stealing from them, only to sell it right back to them.

Glass Armor

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Despite the name of the armor, it’s not actually made of glass, nor is it considered a heavy armor. The armor is actually made of the clear material, malachite. Glass armor is actually the fourth best armor in the game after Dragonscale and Deathbrand armor. Despite it being one of the best light armor you can get in Skyrim, it’s relatively easy to obtain. After level 36, you can simply find Thalmor patrols (if you’re not aligned with them that is) and slaughter them for their armor. Although after level 37, you can simply just find enchanted pieces randomly in chests instead of slaughtering elves. However, Skyrim is what you make of it and if that’s how you want to obtain one of the best light armor in the game then so be it.

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Ebony Armor

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If you’re looking for a cool-looking armor that is also classified as the third best heavy armor in the game, then look no further than the Ebony Armor set. While Ebony Armor may not be as strong or cool-looking as the Daedric armor, it does share the ebony ingot ingredient.

If you’re playing with mods and started out of Helgen with max stats and levels then you should go to one of the major cities to encounter the Ebony Warrior, who challenges you to a fight to the death. Obviously, if you’re modding you’re going to immediately send him to Sovngarde. However, if you’re not modding then you’ll encounter him in a major city when you hit level 80. Fighting him as a fresh level 80 might prove deadly if you’re not prepared, but if you are, you’ll be rewarded with a full enchanted Ebony Armor set. Ebony Armor can be found starting at level 32, and enchanted pieces can be found at level 33, so there’s really no reason to not have a full set by the time it’s time to face the Ebony Warrior.

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We hope you’ve found the right armor for yourself in your journey through the harsh lands of Tamriel. There can never be only one armor best for everything, but when you know the situation, you know the best to wear!


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