Finally, the Monster Hunter & The Witcher crossover event got the green light. Therefore, as of now, two of the video game industry’s most cherished IPs collide in what is a genuinely mouth-watering collaboration.

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Monster Hunting Gets Slaying

From this point onwards, players can traverse the New World as their joint-favorite monster slayer, Geralt of Rivia, which, it must be said, is excellent news all-round, especially for those feverish fans belonging to both franchises. Besides, why can’t you unite two great games? All too often, we miss out on an excellent opportunity to infuse worlds.

Thankfully though, the rare chance of collaboration has been utilized this time around. Meaning, both legions of fans are better off. But what exactly is the Monster Hunter & The Witcher crossover event?

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Slaying Has No Limits

Well, there’s good news folks. The event has no time limit. Thus, from here on in, the Monster Hunter & The Witcher crossover event is available to all – as a fixed feature! No timed and temporary money-making ploy here, thank goodness!

However, there is a slight caveat upon admittance (typical). To access the contract, which is titled, Trouble in the Ancient Forest, players must be of rank 16 or above. With that in mind, there’s no jumping straight into the action I’m afraid. So, best to be wary of that.

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Once you’ve reached the required level, it’s time to scout out a gathering of Felynes. So, for anyone that doesn’t know, these are in the trade yard, specifically, on the deck of the Astera.

The Hunt Begins

After chin-wagging away for some time, the party will extend an invitation to the research base. It is here that you’ll encounter the living legend that is Geralt of Rivia. Or rather, the “White Wolf,” depending on your preferred choice of words. At which time, Geralt pledges to investigate the strange goings on, in, and around the Ancient Forest. Sounds intriguing, you say. Well, wait, there’s a shedload more.

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Of course, this is the point at which the Monster Hunter & The Witcher crossover event truly begins. From here on in, you may play as the Witcher series lead protagonist and cult icon, Geralt.

With the questline now active, the real fun begins. Firstly, it’s worth noting that Geralt is identical in appearance to his “Wild Hunt” portrayal. Also, the beast slayer possesses a unique Monster Hunter World-inspired shield and sword in what amounts to a carbon copy of the steel and silver blades used in The Witcher 3.

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The Slayer Brings His Talents to Monster Hunter

For those that aren’t aware, or have forgotten altogether, here’s a rapid-fire recap. In the games, Geralt switches between two swords. Monsters, being susceptible to silver, get the silver treatment. Meanwhile, steel is used to slash down human combatants. Or unfriendly types, to put it politely.

Perhaps though, this lethal swordplay can be best summarised by Vesemir, who ingeniously quips, “Silver for monsters, steel for fools.” But anyway, I digress.

Interestingly, Doug Cockle reprises his role as Geralt. In case you weren’t aware, he’s the guy that took on the task of Geralt in the Witcher series. And of course, it will come as little or no surprise, that once again, the voice work is outstanding, as is usually the case.

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Geralt Will Still Be Geralt

In truth, fans will be pleased that Geralt is far from a blank slate character throughout the crossover. Besides, that would be weird for this charismatic, yet cocky-mouthed brute of a man/half breed. Instead, there are plenty of lines to digest. And overall, the dialogue is consistently robust.

As Geralt puts his heightened senses to good use, rest assured, there are many classic quips muttered under the breath, as he does his typically clinical crime scene investigations/sniffing carcasses and following vile scents.

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Take Your Time to Hunt and Slay

Thankfully, there is no need to rush this contract. As I said before, the event is a permanent feature. On that note, those wishing to participate in Ciri’s portion of the Monster Hunter & Witcher crossover are too late. Unfortunately, that ground to a halt on May 30.

Just a reminder for those that missed out, that was a multilayer event for an altogether more brutal beast — an abomination, in every sense of the word.

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All in all, the Monster Hunter & Witcher crossover event doesn’t disappoint in what amounts to an unmissable experience for fans of both franchises. Furthermore, I enjoyed every action-packed moment of it. For those that want to see an extension of Geralt in an alternate world, I can think of no better offering. Besides, slashing and slaying belligerent beasts is just so darn exhilarating. But we warn you now; fortune only favors the brave.

We want to know. What are your thoughts of the Monster Hunter & Witcher crossover? Does it live up to the feverish hype? Or, were you left handsomely disappointed? Perhaps you would prefer a different crossover instead? As always, your contributions matter to us. So please, get in touch via the chat below.