Link, the legendary Hero of Time from The Legend of Zelda, is back once again to slash his way through friend and foe alike in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate! He has been an integral part of the Super Smash Bros. roster from the very beginning, way back on the Nintendo 64. Through the years, Link has remained a solid and strong choice for anyone looking for both competitive and recreational play. In this Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Link guide, we’ll take a look at the changes from previous Super Smash Bros. games and Link’s current play style.

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Link from the Past Games

Overall, Link has remained fairly consistent from every generation to the next. However, there are some notable changes in this version, due to it mirroring the Breath of the Wild release on Nintendo Switch.

For example, Link has lost a signature move: the ranged grab with his trusty Hookshot/Clawshot. He now has to make do with the standard grab, shared by most characters. This is generally considered to be an upgrade, because it gives him a very fast, out-of-shield option. He can throw opponents down, keeping them close and setting up for a combo.

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Link’s basic clothing has changed as well, now reflecting the stylish blue tunic from Breath of the Wild. In addition, if you fire an arrow (Neutral Special) but miss your target, you can now pick it up, just like any item, and throw the arrow. Or, if you fire your bow again instead of throwing, you can shoot two arrows!

The greatest change, however, is Link’s new and improved bomb (Down Special). This new iteration has a sparkling blue color and is no longer just a simple projectile. Rather, Link can throw the bomb and then trigger it remotely by pressing the button again.

Play Style

Link has never been, and will never be, the strongest (in terms of raw power output) or the fastest character, but like in other generations, he excels at using his Special Attacks to control the stage, using his vast arsenal of abilities.

Link’s Neutral Special allows him to fire an arrow at opponents. You can hold down the button to charge up, increasing the arrow’s power. This skill has a wide variety of uses, such as keeping the opponent at bay, remote detonation of mines and bombs, edge guarding or finishing off a weakened opponent.

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His Side Special is throwing a boomerang, a skill which has not changed much at all. Its main advantage is the fact that you can aim it in many directions, and it allows you to hit an opponent in the back, making it possible to link into other abilities (get it?).

Knocked off an edge and need to get back up? Link’s Up Special serves this purpose very well, and is still a spin attack, doing an impressive twirl with his blade hitting enemies all around him, and lifting him into the air.

The one Special that stands out from the others has to be Link’s Down Special. As mentioned before, in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, this is no longer just a regular bomb, but rather a flashy blue explosive which can be detonated remotely. This allows for a huge amount of creativity, such as leaving it somewhere as a trap, throwing it down to bounce and preventing an opponent from climbing onto the stage, detonating it on yourself to knock yourself back on stage, and so forth.

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Link’s Side and Down Tilts are other noteworthy moves, taking advantage of the longer reach of the Master Sword. Both of these can be considered core moves and can easily set up True Combos.

And that brings us to the main element of Link’s play style. Due to his great arsenal of abilities, long reach, and rather sturdy nature, Link is an excellent character for executing complex, fun and incredibly rewarding combos.

Links to Success

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He is the opposite of a one-trick-pony and can (has to) adapt his play style based on his opponent. The mark of a great Link player is knowing what to do in every situation and making strategic use of Link’s weaponry and strengths to overcome any obstacle.

Give Link a go, the nearly unlimited combo potential that comes from properly using all his toys virtually guarantees you won’t get bored soon!