The White Raven Developed by: 

GatherRound Studios

Become Jin, a young wayward spirit whisperer destined to uncover the harrowing truth of the Aurorean Steppes and claim his rightful place as The White Raven. Step into this mystical, open-world and tactical RPG where you will spark beautiful love or ignite bitter rivalries. 


The White Raven is an open-world tactical RPG set against the backdrop of dark and spiritual hellscapes full of intrigue, conspiracy, and mystery. In your quest to uncover the truth behind the night of two moons, you will hone your skills, face countless enemies, gain allies, and savor the freedom in exploring the rich world around you. 


Wage tactical warfare by outsmarting your enemies, be it setting terrain ablaze, alerting your allies to engage in follow-up attacks, or monopolizing the high ground. The world of Greater Balhaea is a dangerous one, but it is yours to explore. Uncover ruins of a lost civilization where you may very well find hidden treasures – and dark secrets tucked away. 

Weave your own tale as your story unfolds. Fancy being a smooth talking charlatan that exploits others’ weaknesses? How about an unflinching truth seeker that protects the weak? Choose your own backstory, but know that the future is yet unwritten.

Despite all of the adventuring, take time to tend to your tribe and build relationships. Explore the complexities and struggles within character-specific missions and determine their outcome. Will you lead others down a path of destruction? Or will you help them to overcome their fears and weaknesses – and perhaps spark a little romance on the side?

Title: The White RavenDeveloper: GatherRound Studios
Genre: Open World, Turn-Based RPG
Platforms: Windows
Stores: Steam
Release date: Q3, 2023

Release: Q4, 2024Estimated gameplay time: 25+ hours🎮 Singleplayer


  • Explore an open world full of mystery and secrecy
  • Approach each battle with care. Use tactical warfare and skill combinations between characters in order to defeat an enemy
  • Loot and find a variety of unique gear by defeating bosses and enemies
  • Manipulate terrain and use it in your approach to battle
  • All elements have a synergy. Use it to get an upper hand in battle
  • Learn the story of 4 unique tribes 
  • Create your very own origin story and define the future of your character. Become a charlatan or a brave warrior – the choice is yours
  • Build and grow your tribe
  • Customize your warriors and their loadout with 30+ skills and 50 weapons (with effects) 
  • Solve puzzles left behind by lost civilizations
  • Slay the false gods 
  • Build strong relationships with your companions that will influence their future and, ultimately, the path that they will take
  • Dive deep into a world rich in lore


GatherRound Studios is a young and independent studio based in Singapore with a firm belief that the future of storytelling is interactive. Founded in 2020 by a team of two, GatherRound Studios seeks to push the boundaries of player-led interactive experiences. The result? The open-world, tactical RPG, The White Raven, which has launched on Kickstarter since June 28, 2022.

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