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Warframe continuous to increase an expansive list of 51 Warframes (as of November 30, 2022 with the latest Werewolf themed frame Voruna). It can be hard to know what Warframe to try next after choosing your starting frame, and today we will explore just one of many avenues to choose from.

Ever wanted a frame that gives you the freedom to tackle a variety of missions? Ever dreamed of a time when you can pick one frame that can do everything decently enough to be able to have flexibility to both have fun and help your team? Ever wanted to experience a fresh and fun way to play Warframe?

Enter Zepher

Via: Warframe

OH WAIT! But why would I want to invest into a base level frame when Zepher Prime has already been released?

Well, on paper, that is the correct choice, however wouldn’t it be much simpler to suggest a Warframe that’s as simple to obtain as buying a blueprint from a Clan?

Zepher Prime, of course, will have an advantage in every way being the exact same frame but with higher stats, but also note that it will have to be obtained through a method that is much more involved in RNG, by farming various relics and missions.

And for our build, we want it to be as obtainable as possible for every single reader as well.

So Why Zepher?

There are many Warframes to choose from of course, but why we suggest this particular Warframe is because the kit can adapt to various content, from early star chart to late game missions.

For average Warframe content, running missions like Survivals, Exterminations, Excavations, etc., Zepher can be an excellent choice because despite her frail appearance of a bird, she soars above the competition!

Need Mobility: Cast Your 1

Via: Warframe

1st Ability: Tailwind is Zepher’s Mobility Tool that shoots her in the direction of your cursor and allows you to stay airborne indefinitely by holding down the key that activates the ability (which drains energy per second, and can be decreased by increasing power efficiency). With this, you can continuously take advantage of Zepher’s passive which grants you 150% Critical Hit chance with weapons while airborne!

This ability is useful on all tile sets, even indoors, since by staying afloat you can still use all of your other abilities and stay safely out of your enemies’ reach!

Need Minor CC: Cast Your 2

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Airburst is an excellent tool to manage increasing amounts and volumes of enemies, as at the click of a button, enemies will either be blown away or sucked into a mini vacuum wherever you desire. Airburst also makes your 4th ability Tornado grow in size and CC even more enemies!

This tool allows you to manage enemies and save your allies from major trouble if they are in a clinch, keeping you mobile and keeping your enemies where you want them.

Need Protection: Cast Your 3

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Zepher has a very simple but powerful gameplay loop of, first, casting her third ability Turbulence to instantly create a wind barrier and redirect all ranged damage from countless enemies. This is quite literally on her ability description:

Hitscan bullets (from weapons’ shots with no flight time) are completely avoided.

While you look onto your enemies, you can laugh, as through one single ability, you become an indestructible bird!

And last, but not least:

Need Damage, Major CC, and Protection: Cast Your 4

Via: Warframe

Tornado creates 4 whirling columns of death (can become 8 with her augment Funnel Clouds) that toss around enemies, and if you and your allies shoot at them, it distributes 100% of damage and multiplies critical damage to enemies in it by 200%!

Needless to say she can considerably amplify your team’s damage to extremely high degrees while also keeping non-Eximus enemies flying away so that they can’t touch you or your team.

We could go on about Zepher but this is just a glance at how flexible she can adapt to various team compositions, and for this reason we can safely recommend picking up this frame to try it out!


Zephyr, for all her glory, also does have low armor, so be sure to carry a Vigor or Vitality and to keep your Turbulence on to project yourself from enemy fire. She can soar across tilesets in moments, but one faction that she can have trouble with would be Infestation, since the toxin procs can quickly take Zephyr out of the fight if she does not keep her distance.

Want to get Zephyr? Check out this video:

Want a full Zephyr build and explanation? Check out this video too:

Our own equipment builds can be found below. Check them out, yeah?

Does Zephyr have weaknesses, yes, of course, like any Warframe.

However, Warframe, at the end of the day, is a community experience that encourages experimentation and unique ways to play the game so we hope that even if you don’t pick up Zephyr, this still gives insight into just how many vast possibilities each and every Warframe has.

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