For all Mobile Legends fans around the world, 2023 will be a good year as the M4 World Championship begins!

This is the biggest Mobile Legends tournament around the world since there are teams from various countries joining it! This tournament will be held from January 1st to 15th in Indonesia. The previous venue was originally supposed to be in MPL Arena (XO Hall), but it was moved to Bali United Studio for the group stage, then to Istora Senayan GBK, and finally the Tennis Indoor Stadium Senayan for the knockout stage.

This was due to the latter venues offering better experiences for fans who are willing to travel and watch their favorite teams win the tournament. Here, you will find everything you need to know about the M4 World Championship!

Teams from Many Countries

The M4 World Championship is the annual M series tournament. This is the biggest Mobile Legends tournament in the world and teams who participate are the best in their countries! Each country has a Mobile Legends league which is divided into two divisions, MPL and MDL.

MPL is the highest league, and every year, the top two teams will be given the honor to represent their countries. There are 16 teams in total, divided into 4 groups, making it 4 in each.

This year, Indonesia is represented by Onic Esports and RRQ Hoshi. Philippines is represented by Blacklist International and Echo. Malaysia is represented by Team HAQ ad Todak. S11 Gaming represents Argentine. Malvinas Gaming represents Peru. RSG Singapore represents their home country. Burn x Team Flash leads Cambodia. RRQ Akira heads Brazil. Occupy Thrones represents the Middle East. Incendo Supremacy is from Turkiye. The Valley leads US and Canada. Falcon Esports brings Myanmar to the leagues. And MDH Esports puts Vietnam on the international stage.

Group Stage

The first phase of the tournament is the group stage. As mentioned earlier, there will be 4 groups with 4 teams each. The teams will compete against each other in a BO1 (Best of 1) system. This means that the team lineups will change after every game, and every team will play against the other 3 teams once.

After all teams have played against each other, the top 2 teams will advance into the upper bracket, while the bottom 2 will advance to the lower bracket. What’s the difference between these two brackets? Teams in the upper bracket have a chance to fight for a spot in the finals! Teams in the lower bracket, however, have lost their chance, and will unfortunately be going home earlier.

Knockout Stage

After teams pass the group stage, the knockout stage awaits them! There will be a drawing of team names, in both the upper and lower brackets. Teams in the upper bracket will face each other in a BO5 system — they will be playing up to 5 games to decide which team will enter the finals! Losers from this bracket will be knocked down into the lower brackets, and also play in a BO5 system.

The grand finals will see teams in a BO7 system — that’s 7 incredible matches for your viewing pleasure! This is where the winner of the upper bracket will face the winner of the lower bracket, thus giving all teams a fair chance at competing and eliminating the possibility of luck — Just because a team gets knocked to the lower bracket early on does not mean they definitely won’t win the championship! This could even be said to be the rise of the underdogs (sort of)!

Prize Pool

With every tournament comes one of the most eye-widening segments – the prize! The tournament organizer, Moonton, has set a whopping USD $800,000 for the prize pool, to be split amongst the top 4 of the M4 World Championship!

1st place: USD $300,000
2nd place: USD $120,000
3rd place: USD $80,000
4th place: USD $55,000

This prize pool increases every year, based on the development of the game in participating countries. This means that when Mobile Legends gets more fans and their professional league gets more attention, sponsorships are likely to increase, allowing for bigger prize pools!


The top 4 teams are not the only prize winners in the M4 World Championship. There is a best player prize too! The MVP of the tournament will see himself holding a handsome check for his skills and efforts, and this is an individual prize! The tournament organizer, Moonton, will be the judge and jury of this decision, so do your best in front of them! They’ll announce the MVP at the end of tournament.

Witness the Matches

The M4 World Championship is the biggest and most prestigious Mobile Legends tournament in the world! With teams all over the world participating in it, so will international eyes be watching everything happening! This tournament is held every year, and more teams are expected to join year after year, hoping to claim the title of the best Mobile Legends team.

You can watch all their matches on Mobile Legends’ official Youtube Channel here:

For the hardcore fans, there’s an even better option for you: head on down to Indonesia, enjoy the sun, the food, and the adrenaline at the Senayan Tennis Indoor Stadium to personally witness the fates of the teams, and even buy some merchandise to fulfil your Mobile Legends needs!