In Destiny 2, the Rat King is without a doubt placed within the group of “Best Weapons of All Time”. This is the opinion of many players, but are they simply biased?

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Why is this ‘Rodent’ Worth it?

In this article we dig a little deeper to see if the quest is actually worth your time and whether or not the firearm lives up to its reputation.

What is the Rat King?

rat king

Dubbed ‘the most powerful hand cannon’ in Destiny 2, the Rat King certainly warrants its own mini-guide. That is why we are dedicating this entire section to the weapon itself.

The Rat King is a firearm weapon that can be obtained by any player within the game. However, there are certain criteria you must meet first (more on that later). The weapon has a built in amplifier that multiplies damage depending on the size of your team (Rat Pack). But in order to benefit from amplified damage, your team members must also be using an exotic weapon, such as the Rat King itself.

It is optimal for teams of 6 that are raiding, and it is worth noting that your teammates need to be within a certain radius around you in order to benefit from the multiplier feature.

Rat-ical Features of the Rat King

The Rat King comes within many features, and as highlighted above, the main one being an amplified damage multiplier.

The Rat King’s main attraction is its ability to amplify the damage output of your team; however, it is not the only nail-biting feature. These other traits will open your eyes:

1. Increased stability and handling speed when the Rat King is equipped.

2. Quicker reload speed and larger magazine size.

3. Becoming invisible for a short period of time after obtaining a kill using the Rat King – giving your player a safety window to reload without being targeted.

4. A better overall range.

5. Up to 6 times damage multiplication, based on the number of team members positioned near your player.

Qualifying Criteria

As mentioned above, there are certain criteria within the game that must be completed before you can embark on The Rat King Quest, and thankfully, no turtle shells are required.


The first criteria require you to complete the main story campaign in Destiny 2. Once you have completed all of the individual story missions you will unlock new quests. The one of interest in this guide is Titan’s ‘Enemy of My Enemy‘.

Secondly, if you complete ‘Enemy of My Enemy’ you will receive the Rat King’s Crew item. Note: this is not a weapon, despite being in the Kinetic weapon slot. Heading back over to Titan and starting ‘Enemy of My Enemy’ will allow you to begin solving the Rat King’s Crew item riddles.

The Master Speaks in Riddles

rat king

The riddles are pretty simple to solve once you get your head around them, but they do require a series of steps to complete, including buddying up with other players.

The Rat King Quest Riddle 1

The first riddle is an old rhyme from back in the day, which you may or may not recognise:

The Rat King’s Crew Runs to and fro
Good girls and boys Know where to go
Pick up your toys and darn your socks
On errands of woe, on errands we walk

Solving this riddle requires you to buddy up with another player and complete 3 patrol missions. You can choose any 3 missions you like, but for speed you may wish to choose the ones on Titan.

The Rat King Quest Riddle 2

The second riddle to note plays out like this:

The Rat King’s Crew, Goes arm in arm
To fight as one
To do no harm
So have your fun and run outside
Rally the flag and we’ll never die

Similar to the first, simply buddy up to complete this by carrying out two public events.

The Rat King Quest Riddle 3

The Rat King’s Crew
Goes four and four
With good good fights
They learn to score
Then three as one they stand upright
Return from past the wall and wanting more

This is the third riddle. Complete this by entering the Crucible with a buddy and take care of two matches.

The Rat King Quest Riddle 4

Last but not least, the final riddle takes things up a notch.

Simply complete Nightfall The Arms Dealer Strike – which is tougher than the previous three criteria. The riddle goes like this:

The Rat King’s Crew
Stands three as one
They see Night’s fall
And fear it none
But watch the clock as you scale the wall
Lest five remain hope comes for none

If like me, you’re a bit of a worrier, here are a few handy tips for the final and toughest riddle in the quest:

1. If there is enough space to dodge and run past enemies, do it. You don’t need to kill every enemy to complete the “Arms Dealer Nightfall Strike”.

2. Level up your Power to at least 250+ before beginning the final riddle.

3. Buddy up with teammates to get more kills. For each kill you get, you will be given additional time to complete the fourth part of the quest.

rat king
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So…Is this Hunk of Junk Worth It?

Not only is The Rat King Quest fun to play, the reward is absolutely outstanding!

Ultimately, the trickiest part is finding a buddy who will do the missions with you, especially if you play with online friends that are half way across the world. However, obtaining the Rat King gives you a sense of pride and boosts your in-game reputation. The weapon will enhance your game play with its unbelievable power.

The only downside to the weapon is that it might have been a teensy bit over-hyped. If you like to go against the grain or aren’t fond of following the herd, you may take an instant disliking to the weapon and may not even bother doing the quest.

But whether the firearm is over-hyped and underrated is only something you can decide!

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