Congratulations to all backers of The White Raven project, we’ve unlocked the Nintendo Switch Port stretch goal!

If you’ve backed this project and wished fervently for it to be made available on the Nintendo Switch, then your wish has been answered! And it’s all thanks to everyone who supported the project, through backings and through social media!

If you’ve been sitting on the fence, pondering whether to get this game without a Switch version or not, now there’s no more dilemma! You will have it available on your favorite portable device!

So, if you’ve not backed The White Raven yet, or feel the absolute urge to increase your backing, visit their Kickstarter campaign now! Really now, you need to visit it and make/double your pledge now — the campaign in 24 hours of this article’s posting!

The White Raven
Kickstarter Campaign

Switch image via Nintendo
The White Raven image via GatherRound Studios