So, we heard that you want a female MC in The White Raven…

…and a Nintendo Switch port…

Via: Nintendo

Well, guess what?


Via: Know Your Meme

As of this article’s time, The White Raven already has a backing of about USD $100,000. We just need $55,000 more and we’re down to just 9 days.

Spread the word! Tell your family and friends! Alert the horde! Leave no random encounter untold! Let’s give all our support to The White Raven now!

The White Raven
Kickstarter Campaign

But, did you know, backing them with a pledge is not the only way? There’s actually a bit of a cheat code we can use to unlock their Switch port stretch goal:

One free stretch goal to unlock, and we don’t even need to worry about how much we got to pledge! But of course, we’ll need to time this properly!

We’ve currently unlocked the new Confidante at USD $75k, and we’re close to the $90k stretch goal. It’s safer to achieve their social media goals upon reaching the $105k, so as to utilize the free unlock and skip past the extra $50k required.

So, don’t be shy, make some friends and allies, and join The White Raven’s social circles!

The White Raven
Kickstarter Campaign