From its humble beginnings in the mid-90s with Pokemon Red and green, Nintendo’s beloved franchise has become a high-octane pop culture juggernaut! With nearly every main series game getting rave reviews around the globe, it seems that fans can’t get enough of catching them all.

Many Pokémon online games have flown under the radar during their heyday, but their fans are still passionate about them.

Whether you’re a newbie discovering this underrated world for the first time or a returning player looking to relive your past gaming experience, these underrated Pokémon games are sure to keep you busy.

From enhanced graphics and improved controls to robust gameplay and beautiful soundtracks, there’s something here for everyone who loves underrated Pokémon games.

Let’s explore all that these underrated gems have to offer!

Top 10 underrated pokemon games

1. Pokemon Unite

Via: Nintendo

Everyone’s favorite pocket monsters are now making a splash in the MOBA world. Pokemon Unite offers accessible and free-to-play content, with an array of characters, upgrades, unlockable bonuses as well as daily tasks for players! Despite some initial rumors about it being “pay-to-win”, developers have managed to maintain its competitive value through countless updates. So get your Poke Balls ready – this addictive game will surely be here to stay!

2. Pokemon Colosseum

Via: Nintendo

Second on the list of underrated pokemon games is Pokemon Colosseum. This interactive game has you using real-time strategies to battle in an arena with your chosen Pokemon. It also requires you to go on a quest to save Orre, as well as unite certain areas with Darkness – giving it much more of an adventure than some of the other underrated Pokemon games. All this, combined with stunning 3D visuals and intense combat sequences, offers an unforgettable gaming experience.

3. Pokemon Ranger Series

Via: Nintendo

Move over Poké trainers, there’s a new job in town! Pokémon Ranger takes the traditional RPG gameplay of your favorite monster-catching series and flips it on its side with action RPG elements instead. By utilizing the DS’s touch screen to temporarily capture wild Pokemon, gamers are able to access previously blocked off areas and solve puzzles with each creature’s exclusive ability. Now that is something worth experiencing!

4. Pokemon Picross – 3DS

Via: Nintendo

If you’re looking for a slower-paced but equally enjoyable puzzle adventure, then Pokemon Picross is the game for you. With pictures of beloved characters to uncover as players solve puzzles, this lowkey gem provides plenty of fun and relaxation – perfect if traditional titles are too overwhelming or fast-moving.

5. Pokémon Pinball

Via: Nintendo

The world was introduced to a Pokemon-infused pinball experience like no other in 1999. With its simple yet charming gameplay and ability to catch Pokémon, it made an impact. But four years later, everything changed when Pokémon Pinball: Ruby & Sapphire was released for Gameboy Advance. This sequel not only improved upon its predecessor but also included all of your favorite 3rd generation Pocket Monsters – making it gaming history.

6. Pokémon Puzzle League

Via: Nintendo

It’s been decades since the launch of Pokemon Puzzle League on Nintendo 64, but it remains one of gaming’s most beloved spin-off titles. Despite being seen as a game to earn more money among fans at its release during peak franchise fame and fortune, this classic puzzle game has been highly praised by those who played it back in 1999 – with many still enchanted today!

7. Pokémon Conquest

Via: Nintendo

Looking for an epic adventure? Look no further than Pokémon Conquest! Spice up your video game experience with beautiful animation and exciting battle scenes as you join the Samurai-themed world of Nobunaga’s Ambition. Forget traditional turn-based combat – this tactical RPG blends Final Fantasy Tactics vibes and plenty of hours’ worth of gameplay to keep you coming back again & again. Get ready to explore a whole new Pokemon universe – it’ll be well worth it, trust us!

8. Pokémon Trading Card Game for the Game Boy Color

Via: Nintendo

Get ready to take on the world of the Pokemon Trading Card Game! Once a game confined strictly in real life, players were able to experience battling with their cards beyond just friends thanks to the 2000 release for Nintendo’s beloved Gameboy Color. Featuring authentic gameplay and a structure similar to other classic titles like Red or Blue – battle Clubs specialising different types of pokemon while collecting your own decks along pokemon way. It was time to go digital!

9. Pokemon Crystal Version

Via: Nintendo

Pokemon Crystal Version revolutionized the gaming world when it was released in 2000, becoming not only the third game of its generation but introducing features that have become synonymous with Pokemon games. For instance, fans were ecstatic to be able to customize their character as either male or female -as well as witness animations for Pokemon during battles- which up until then had never been seen before!

10. Pokken Tournament

Via: Nintendo

Pokken Tournament is a fantastic testament to the adaptability of Pokémon, showcasing how it can thrive even in an unlikely genre: 3D fighting. Developed by Namco – renowned for their work on Tekken and featuring similar gameplay mechanics – Pokkén continues to evolve with time; The Switch version released two years later brought along several new characters including fan-favorites Decidueye and Blastoise sure to delight any Pokéfan!


If you asked any real fan of the Pokémon franchise, they’d list all underrated classics that deserve recognition. While they may not have achieved the same recognition or success as other top-tier Pokemon games, they remain underrated gems that are enjoyable and still fun to play today.

Whether it’s catching legendary Pokémon on Nintendo DS or Gameboy Advance, these underrated pokemon games provide an incredibly unique experience in the gaming industry and prove that underrated doesn’t necessarily mean outdated.