It’s unfortunate that Unhinged Extravagance’s Kickstarter campaign wasn’t successful, but we’re still thankful and appreciative to everyone who gave us your time to view our idea, and to the 6 who followed the campaign!

Special thanks go out to The BackerKit who gave us our first backing and first hope, Kilo who initially backed us within the 1st 15 min of our launch, and Steven Barrett and Magenta Fantasies, who are never too late to back us!

We’ll find alternate sources of funding to ensure the completion of Unhinged Extravagance, and successfully bring it to everyone on the App Store and Play Store!

We may be done with our Kickstarter campaign, but not for our developments! Stay tuned to our channels, where we’ll continue to post updates and eventually the live date! Unhinged Extravagance will of course get it’s own webpage, and though it’s still under production, we recommend everyone to bookmark it first!

Unhinged Extravagance Official Webpage (Coming Soon!)

Once again, from the Gamepleton & Unhinged Extravagance team, we sincerely thank you from the bottom of our hearts!