After two solid years of writing so much about the games around us, we’ve decided it was time for us to have a game we can call our own! Having planned this for a year, Unhinged Extravagance is a MOBA that won’t be what you expect! Drawing inspiration from ninjas and ancient Japan, this game lets you control a ninja and brawl your way through the battlefield!

No, it’s not a situation where you tap on the attack button and hope your opponent is in range — you move your attack into range!

Help us complete the development of this to-be-awesome game! Fund us on Kickstarter, and know happiness!

Unhinged Extravagance
Kickstarter Page

Coming to Gamepleton soon is a second game to grace our website! It’s not Unhinged Extravagance 2, since we’re still making the first, but a collaboration with two incredible indie developers, Tosh, of GameDevTosh, and Yana, from Yanako RPGs! Check out their Kickstarter campaign, it’s already fully-funded!

Introducing a catchily-named tactical game: Notice Me, Leena-senpai!

Notice Me, Leena-senpai
Kickstarter Page

We, at Gamepleton, believe in this project and fully trusts it shall become a great game to come! Stay updated with us here on Gamepleton when the official “Notice Me, Leena-senpai” webpages go live!


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